Why Marketing Fails for Drug Rehabs

Marketing… it’s a topic every business must conquer. Yet, many companies treat it as an afterthought or a slightly unnecessary expense. Therefore, it should be no surprise that many addiction treatment centers struggle to meet admission goals as a result. When marketing fails for drug rehabs, it’s a double tragedy. First, facilities put themselves in potential financial jeopardy due to reduced admissions. Second, and far worse, patients who should be receiving treatment at these rehab centers aren’t

7 Reasons Why Marketing Fails for Drug Rehabs

Are there clear explanations about why marketing fails for drug rehabs? In a word: yes. In fact, it’s possible for very smart people to do very dumb things when it comes to marketing. Let’s take a closer look…

Reason #1: Not Knowing the Contours of the Landscape

The number one biggest reason drug rehab marketing fails is due to a lack of understanding of the audience. Yes, you read that right… not understanding the audience

At first glance, that thought seems kind of ridiculous. After all, many dedicated people working at drug rehabs are former substance abusers themselves. Who would possibly know the audience better than these individuals? Granted, these people can speak to patients with a remarkable sense of understanding, empathy, and compassion. However, it doesn’t guarantee they have the marketing chops necessary to increase admissions effectively.

Typically, a drug rehab doesn’t understand its audience because it sees the world as its audience. Therefore, they take the “shotgun” approach with all of their marketing. It’s essentially, “Let’s hit the world with our message. Surely someone will be listening.” That’s a risky approach… and often a needlessly expensive one. Rehabs often excel when they concentrate on certain audiences, such as younger people, seniors, business execs, etc.

Reason #2: No True Marketing Goals In Place

Marketing fails for drug rehabs when there are no carefully defined objectives in place. Without well-defined goals to meet, marketing is flying blind and shooting at targets it can’t always see. Some companies develop broad goals and assume that’s good enough. It isn’t. Simply saying you want to grow your business or become the dominant rehab in your region are absurdly broad goals. 

With marketing, it’s the details that matter. For example, you need to set goals like improving your admission rates by X% or increasing web traffic by X%. These are concrete and easily understood goals.

Reason #3: When Your Medium Choices Are Wrong

A compelling marketing message is a good thing. However, if you aren’t getting it out to your audience through the right medium, you could be wasting your time. Even worse, you’re probably wasting your facility’s money as well. 

For example, if your drug rehab center relies heavily on traditional marketing, that could be an issue. It’s no secret that digital marketing is quickly overtaking traditional marketing. That means your website is more important than any direct mail piece could ever be. Marketing fails for drug rehabs when you have the right message but the wrong messenger.

Reason #4: You Don’t Meet the Needs of Your Audience

People seeking help for alcohol and drug addiction are looking for a place that can help. If your marketing simply talks about your facility, you’re losing your audience. It’s not about your facility. Instead, it’s about your audience. This is a big reason why marketing fails for drug rehabs. 

Everything about your marketing needs to be about the concerns of prospective patients. For example, let’s say you have great amenities. Just saying that isn’t enough. Your marketing should show why they want (or should want) these great amenities. If you’re pushing the innovative therapies you offer, tell prospective patients why these therapies can help them.

Reason #5: Marketing That’s Merely Reactive

You should always be thinking of the next great marketing campaign. Don’t wait until a competitor does something great with their marketing before you snap into action. Get ahead of the curve and be proactive with your marketing. The objective should never be to keep up with the competition. You want to be ahead of them (or at least try to be). 

Innovation drives companies, including drug rehabs. For example, something as simple as 360° views of your treatment center can be a brilliant idea, especially if your competitors aren’t offering this option. The objective should never be to wait until they start doing something before you do. 

Reason #6: When the Marketing is Inconsistent

Marketing fails for drug rehabs when it’s inconsistent. This can happen in two ways:

Brand Inconsistency

Your brand should create an impression. That only happens when your brand is consistent, no matter what the medium. For example, if your social media feels utterly unlike your website, you have no brand consistency.

Campaign Inconsistency

It’s a mistake to write blogs frequently for six months and then go silent for six months. The same goes for every area of your website. While websites should never be static and unchanging, inconsistent or sporadic change isn’t much better.

Reason #7: Design or Content Misses the Mark

Marketing can have great objectives and great messages. Unfortunately, all of that can be meaningless if the addiction treatment website design fails to impress the audience. The wrong look and the wrong content can destroy even the best marketing strategies. 

It’s a sad truth that marketing fails for drug rehabs can often be traced something as simple as design or content. Drug rehabs are in trouble if design and content can’t:

  • Establish trust and credibility
  • Make your marketing stand out from the competition
  • Get prospective patients to feel comfortable with the idea of treatment

Make Marketing Work For Your Drug Rehab Center

Marketing drives the success of a company… but only if the company truly understands how marketing works. When marketing fails for drug rehabs, companies and ultimately prospective patients suffer. 

It’s time for your drug rehab marketing to kick into high gear. Dreamscape Marketing, recognized as a top SEO agency in the US, can take your marketing to the next level. Contact us today at 888-307-7304 or through our “Contact Us” webpage.