Don’t tell customers: Show customers with a unique 360° virtual tour experience!

Svg%3EWith our patented 360° content player and platform, Dreamscape Marketing delivers an immersive virtual reality tour experience, complete with full surround video production. We’ll give you the ability to wow prospective customers and investors by showing them your business on virtually any device. Adding a 360° interactive video tour will be sure to increase engagement and do wonders for your brand.

Showcase Your Treatment Center With A Fully Immersive 360° Experience

  • Custom-branded, intuitive interface
  • Include interactive hotspots and maps
  • Embed custom videos
  • Increase online admissions through transparent marketing tactics
  • Increase admissions through referral partners with innovative marketing tools
  • Decrease walk-out rates

Choose Your Device

  • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Oculus
  • Samsung GearVR
  • Google Cardboard

360° Video

Take clients on a virtual presentation or guided tour.

Multiple Locations

Highlight multiple areas and rooms of your unique business. Use hotspots or interactive maps within the tour to link to other areas.

Gyroscopic Controls

Give prospective clients a true virtual experience in the palm of their hand. Our virtual scene player takes advantage of a smartphone’s gyroscopic technology to promote your business.

VR Headset Support

Our proprietary 360° virtual tours can be used on various VR headsets, including the Oculus Rift.

Premium 360° Virtual Reality Tours

  • Includes travel, prep, photography and minor editing
  • Tour setup on proprietary virtual tour viewer with interactive hotspots
  • Platform hosting (with video hosting available at an additional cost)

Quick Start

  • Click on the button above or this link to open the virtual tour in a new window
  • Drag the image around to change the camera angle
  • Click on any of the thumbnails or the map markers to change the scene
  • Click on the gyroscope icon gyro to control the camera angle with your phone
  • Click on the VR icon vr to use in a cardboard viewer, rotate the device and insert device into viewer

Virtual Tour Controls

Gyroscope Controls – enable your phone to control the camera angle

VR Mode – changes to landscape layout for use with cardboard viewers

Fullscreen – view the virtual tour at full screen size

Previous/Next – move between scenes in the tour

Zoom in/out – zoom in and out of the scene

Setting Up Cardboard Viewer

Remove viewer from envelope, then undo the main flap. Push opposite corners to transform into rectangular box shape.  Insert phone in landscape mode, then secure with velcro flap.  View through lenses.