What Does a Great Healthcare Marketing Agency Do?

It’s no secret that healthcare websites have for years lagged behind other industries in terms of digital marketing innovation. Therefore, the role of a healthcare marketing agency takes on increased significance.

Dreamscape Marketing has worked with a wide variety of healthcare clients over the years to bring more qualified leads to their doors. In the past, healthcare organizations might have worked with a healthcare advertising agency to develop massively expensive TV campaigns or direct mail campaigns to bring in patients. However, things have changed. 

Today, it’s digital marketing that brings patients to your door. Through elective medical practice marketing agency services, you can target your audience with customized messaging in ways that are far more cost-effective than most traditional marketing of the past.

What Do You Need From a Healthcare Marketing Agency?

Healthcare and digital marketing have one thing in common: both evolve quickly. Finding a steady stream of new patients requires smart digital marketing that makes use of several strategies, including:

Collaborating with healthcare clients over the last 15 years has enabled us to pair our SEO expertise with a deep understanding of the challenges healthcare organizations face. Since talk is cheap, let’s consider some real-world examples of how a healthcare marketing agency (that would be us) can help clients achieve their objectives.

Case Study 1: Making Google Ads Work For Addiction Treatment

Using Google’s ad network to increase online patient volume and support a rapidly expanding footprint.

In June 2020, a Midwestern addiction treatment network was losing momentum with their existing pre-pandemic Google PPC campaign strategy. With COVID-19 restrictions causing local demand to surge, they recognized the need to improve their PPC patient acquisition costs—especially as the directive to rapidly expand these digital campaigns was imminent. Their goal became reducing their Google Ads CPA to a tenable level. At the same time, they needed to expand the campaigns to incorporate and market new locations each month.

Based on the findings of an in-depth campaign review, our healthcare marketing agency team devised a strategy that would both diagnose and repair an unsustainable CPA. The strategy also provided a healthy campaign infrastructure to allow seamless addition of new locations.

What our strategy did:

  • Eliminated sources of wasted spend, loose targeting, and poor performance
  • Identified and built ad groups for under-utilized keyword themes
  • Created fresh ad copy adding specific targeting parameters and features
  • Expanded conversion metrics, delineating the most valuable to allow Google’s interface to prioritize the most valuable interactions

Cost Per Admission Dropped by Nearly 50%

After just a month, the client’s metrics began to show a consistent cost per admission (CPA) decrease. As the client continued to focus on their location expansion through Q3 and Q4, our team continued to build on those initial goal completions. 

By year’s end, and despite the unprecedented events of 2020 causing interruptions to Google search and patient behavior, the client’s PPC campaigns expanded, delivering an almost 50% reduction in CPA, thereby fulfilling their project goals of a PPC campaign with a manageable budget and the scalability to accommodate growth.

Case Study 2: 677% Increase in Organic Traffic for Autism Start-Up

Ensuring a start-up’s first-year success by rapidly scaling their online business

development with digital marketing.

The first year for any business is always the most challenging. In the US, one in five businesses fail and none make a profit. Stretched to capacity getting their new business off the ground, our suburban Northeast client sought a healthcare marketing agency partner to rapidly scale their brand awareness in the community, and build a reliable new patient business development pipeline.

To overcome these first-year business obstacles, Dreamscape Marketing deployed multiple SEO campaign solutions to drive awareness and new patient inquiries. We optimized the following:

  • Blog & landing page content
  • Backlinking
  • Custom reporting

Multiple Impressive Results

In just one year our client made incredible strides against both of their business development goals by achieving top Google position for their targeted keywords and phrases and developing a robust organic pipeline of qualified new patient leads.

Google Clicks: up 481%

Call volume: up 122%

Organic traffic: up 577% 

Work With a Reputable Healthcare Marketing Agency

It’s time to meet the expectations of prospective patients with a website that offers what they’re looking for. Whether it’s re-imagining your content marketing or overhauling your PPC and SEO strategies, it’s vital that your website becomes more leading edge if you wish to increase your Google ranking, enjoy more web traffic and see more patients.

Dreamscape Marketing, a healthcare marketing agency in Baltimore, Maryland, has been deeply involved in healthcare marketing since 2005. From addiction treatment to medical, autism to mental health, dentistry to senior living, we help you to help others through innovative digital marketing strategies. 

Contact us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss your digital marketing needs.