On Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently?

Finding the Best Social Platform For Addiction Treatment Centers

There are a lot of social media platforms out there. It would be impossible to maintain an active presence on all of them. Therefore, what should addiction treatment centers do? The question for centers planning an addiction treatment social media strategy becomes, “On which social network should you share content most frequently?” 

What is Social Listening and How Does It Affect Your Social Media?

To understand your social media needs, you first have to understand social listening. This is the process of understanding online chatter about companies or brands. Social listening helps businesses develop better marketing, operational and business metrics.

Social listening is all about tracking conversations based on phrases and terms relevant to addiction. Then, putting them into context to better understand how your audience reacts (or would react) to your addiction treatment center.

This process of social listening helps you to speak to your target audience with greater authenticity. Done correctly, it may help provide the answer as to where you should be putting your efforts.

On Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently? Understand Your Audience First

Where does my target audience live online?

Unlike traditional marketing, social media can be used to access your audience in a unique, person-to-person way. You can get feedback directly from your audience. You’ll know very quickly whether you’re communicating with them effectively or not. As a result, your potential ability to influence your target audience is remarkable.  

Just remember that it’s not about your audience coming to you (although that should happen eventually). Certainly at first, it’s about you going to your audience. 

Go where prospective patients are having conversations. Then, listen and join in when appropriate. It’s a simple formula. Yet many addiction treatment centers have not successfully followed it.

Picking the right platform for your social media presence

People looking for solutions to addiction issues are worried. Maybe they need help for themselves or for loved ones. As a result, they are on social media asking questions.

  • Are you guys experiencing this? 
  • What can I do to get clean? 
  • Does addiction treatment work?
  • Who here has been through treatment?
  • What’s it like? 

These are the questions they ask. You need to find the social media platform where they are asking them and join in the conversation. On which social network should you share content most frequently? The one where the above questions are popping up.

Your contribution to such conversations must be subtle. If you jump in and sound like you’re just advertising your treatment center, the reaction will probably be negative. 

Instead, provide information. If someone asks what treatment is like, offer answers. Become a valued resource for information and you will succeed at social media.

As with any other media, it’s smart to see what your competitors are doing in terms of social media. Learn from their mistakes and “borrow” from their successes. Discover what they’re doing and do it better. 

Which Network Has The Longest Life For A Piece Of Content?

Much content on social media has an extremely short shelf life. Often, even a popular post will realistically only be viewed for a few days before it begins to decline in importance. Either others have made more important points or conversations simply shifted elsewhere. That’s the nature of the beast. 

It’s necessary to always monitor what’s trending. By doing so, it’s easier to jump in with relevant comments on hot topics somehow related to addiction or addiction treatment.

Here are a few general rules. Facebook is good for general and specialized content posting alike. The audience is eschewing older these days so keep that in mind. 

Given the character limitation, Twitter is especially good if you want to put out concise nuggets of information. If you post things like infographics, they can easily be retweeted by others. Unlike PPC, this is absolutely free advertising.

LinkedIn may be very good for reaching white-collar professionals struggling with addiction. The platform has evolved greatly and can be a good place to post content.

On Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently? The Answer Helps Determine Your Success

As you look at the big four in social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), decide where you wish to concentrate your efforts. Then, it’s a good idea to post two to five each week on that platform.

As you strive to enhance your addiction treatment center’s social media presence, it’s best to join forces with a digital marketer that understands your unique needs. Think you now have an answer to the question, “On which social network should you share content most frequently?” That’s great. Now, you need the right marketing partner to make it happen.

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