The Best Content Marketing Strategy for Dentists

Your dental practice marketing puts patients in chairs. More specifically, an excellent content marketing strategy for dentists should be front and center if you wish to increase production.

Traditionally, many dentists don’t take marketing all that seriously. Although no one practicing these days experienced the era when dental practices didn’t advertise at all, a certain skepticism about marketing has managed to remain all these years later. Your dental content marketing strategy isn’t helped by that mentality.

Your content marketing is the backbone of your marketing strategy. It’s the flesh on the bones of your website. Without quality, relevant content, no one comes to your website. As a result, no one picks up the phone and calls for an appointment.

Let’s discuss several aspects of excellent dental practice marketing agency services:

Effective Dental Content Marketing is Ongoing

Dentists, particularly those in solo or small group practices, tend to look at website content creation as a one-and-done sort of thing. Write up some content when launching the website and then you’re basically done with it. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, dental practice websites are never done as far as content is concerned. You must constantly provide fresh content to satisfy the interests of viewers. Your dental practice website cannot become stale. Google doesn’t like stale websites, and neither do patients. Your content has to keep both audiences—Google and viewers—happy.

The more quality content you upload, the more you become a trusted source of information for new and existing patients. Doing so gives you and your practice greater authority. That’s good for your dental brand strategy and will translate into higher Google rankings over time. It’s content marketing strategy for dentists that makes patients think of you first when they’re seeking need-based or elective treatment.

Know your Target Audience and Cater To Their Interests

You can write great content and still miss the mark. Why? Because that content may be aimed at the wrong audience. “Know your audience” is a bit of a cliché but it’s true.

What are the demographics of your prospective patients? How old are they? Are they married or single? How affluent are they? All of these variables paint a picture of your target audience. That audience dictates the kind of content you should be creating. A good content marketing strategy for dentists will always take this into account. 

Does Your Content Include Effective Calls to Action?

Content without any calls to action is pointless. You are literally wasting time and money if your dental content marketing strategy doesn’t include calls to action that motivate viewers to do something. For example, if you don’t ask patients to call you, they may not. Don’t assume they know what to do next. Put the idea in their heads with your call to action.

Naturally, you want your content to be informative. However, you aren’t providing that information just for the sake of it. You naturally want them to consider your practice for treatment.

The best content marketing strategy for dentists is one that encourages patients to take the next step. Perhaps that’s to encourage a first appointment. Or maybe it’s to encourage existing patients to consider something like cosmetic procedures. It’s your call to action that makes this happen.

Blogs Should Be Relevant & Reinforce Landing Pages

Blogs aren’t filler. They serve a purpose… just not the purpose you may be thinking of. Yes, blogs are on your practice website to be informative and educational. In no way, however, does it end there. Your blogs need to lead prospective patients back into the core pages of your website. If they don’t do that, they aren’t really doing their job.

The best content marketing strategy for dentists includes smart blog entries that keep viewers on your website. The longer they are there, the more likely they are to pick up the phone and call for an appointment. That’s the goal. In fact, that’s always the goal.

Viewers find your blogs if—and only if—you are writing about things they want to know about. Perhaps your prospective patients are keenly interested in dental implants. If so, there should be a variety of blogs on your practice website discussing this subject.

If you’re writing about implants, prospective patients will find you. If you’re not, they’ll may find implant blogs on other dentists’ websites.

A Great Content Marketing Strategy for Dentists is the Key to Increased Production

Content marketing for dentists is vital for an effective digital marketing strategy. That’s why you need outside professionals to help you achieve this objective. 

Your practice needs a dental content marketing agency that understands both dentistry and the complex world of digital marketing. Dreamscape Marketing checks both of those boxes. Contact us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s talk about how an excellent content marketing strategy for dentists is the answer for increasing your production.