3 Wellness Practice Branding Tips That Send the Right Message

Although branding might just sound like code for making your wellness practice’s assets look stylish, aesthetics are a powerful way to improve your digital presence. Your brand also encompasses so much more than just colors. A carefully considered brand includes elements that are specific to your wellness center. These include writing style and tone, graphics and images, visual guidelines, and best practices for messaging. Choose each element strategically so they clearly communicate who you are and what prospective clients can expect from your wellness practice.

Is Your Wellness Branding Getting the Right Message Across?

Other aspects of your wellness practice’s marketing strategy, like search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, as complicated as they can be, are more or less objective. Either you’ve optimized them or there’s room for growth. 

Your wellness practice’s branding is more complex—and more subjective. Why? Because branding is all about sending the right message. Stellar wellness digital marketing requires you to first decide what your message should be and then communicate that message to your prospective clients.

So, What’s Your Brand Message?

When looking to tweak your wellness branding strategy, take a step back and think about what you’re trying to say. What do you want your leads to think and feel when they encounter your wellness practice online? What qualities do you want visitors to associate with your wellness practice?

These are almost always tricky questions to answer, but don’t overthink them. You’re already subconsciously answering these questions every day as you help clients live healthier lives.

To find an answer, start breaking down these big questions by putting together a list of your values.1 What are your wellness practice’s core beliefs? Values that speak to your ethos might include service, professionalism, care, compassion, or responsiveness. You’re probably thinking of a hundred good qualities you want your wellness practice to represent. But narrowing your list to just a few of the most important creates a bigger impact. Through this exercise, you’ll establish a unique voice that helpfully guides your other branding decisions.

How to Send a Message with Branding

Long-form content on your website and posts on your social media pages are typically the first choice for communicating your expertise and values. But branding sends a message, too. Optimally, your branding and content marketing strategies should work synergistically to generate a great first impression for your target audience. 

1. Color Scheme

Color is the first element visitors take in when viewing your website—or any part of your wellness practice’s digital presence, really.2 This makes getting your color scheme right a key part of making a good first impression. 

Although taste is personal and what appeals to one user might not appeal to another, color theory tells us that specific colors carry specific associations.3 For instance, red and black typically represent strength and power. On the other hand, blue conveys calm and responsibility. Green inspires thoughts of new beginnings, while orange communicates vitality.

When crafting your wellness practice brand,, use your color palette to communicate your values and encourage confidence in your services.

2. Tone and Voice

In content marketing, what you say is important, but how you say it is just as significant. The content within an article or landing page explaining the services your wellness practice offers can be the difference between losing or converting leads. 

The feeling a prospective client has after reading your content is what creates a lasting impression. Words alone don’t always inspire a user to feel a certain way. That’s up to the tone of your content. Each piece of written content you share is an opportunity to communicate approachability, conscientiousness, professionalism, or whichever emotionally-based value you want the reader to associate with your practice. Whatever you choose, your tone and voice have to match your practice’s real-world values. This is how you build trust with clients from day one. 

3. Consistency

The key to building a memorable, effective wellness brand is consistency. Repetition is the key to forming a relationship with your target audience, and a consistent brand experience across all your digital marketing platforms and touchpoints is necessary to deliver repeated exposure to your wellness brand.

Each design choice you make should also be highly intentional. For instance, if your logo uses two shades of the same color that are very similar, visitors might wonder if they’re accidentally different. Even if your logo is a work of art, in the context of brand messaging, unclear design choices often come off as sloppy or confusing. Make sure your design choices reflect your brand persona and are executed consistently across all marketing channels.

Whether you’re fine-tuning your established wellness branding strategy or are just getting started choosing your color palette and designing your logo, Dreamscape Marketing can help. Contact us at 888.307.7304 to learn more about how we can help you develop a winning wellness branding strategy and our full suite of wellness digital marketing services.


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