“The Business of Recovery” Film Is Dead Wrong

It’s very possible that no matter how good of a job a company does, no matter how dedicated its employees are, some people will find it their mission in life to attack them. That is certainly the case with a new documentary entitled “The Business of Recovery,” which paints many rehab centers as greedy companies with an unproven track record of success.

“The Business of Recovery” Film is Not Dreamscape Marketing’s Experience

The conclusions reached in this film ring false when compared with Dreamscape Marketing’s experience with drug rehab centers. At any given time, we are in discussions with scores of drug rehab centers across the United States. These are dedicated people who take their mission statements very, very seriously. Many are former addicts whose commitment to a patient’s sobriety could not be any greater.

There’s no doubt that there are some centers out there with under-qualified personnel who fail to live up to a patient’s expectations. But these centers don’t represent the vast majority of dedicated facilities fulfilling a desperately needed function. For the centers that Dreamscape Marketing encounters, the negative publicity generated by sensational claims only makes their already challenging jobs more difficult.

Dreamscape Marketing continues to be inspired by the experienced, caring doctors and staff members we regularly meet at drug rehab centers and conferences. We film their patient testimonials. We see and hear the success stories. Without question, people are being helped.

Our drug rehab clients help keep us on-track to remember that these aren’t numbers, these are people who need help. When we’re doing our job as a marketer, yes, we’re bringing more business to rehab centers. But it’s not just a matter of revenue. When we do our job, more people are getting help, and more people are lessening the danger that they could overdose and possibly die. To us and to the rehab center, that matters a great deal.