Drug Rehab Marketing: Who Are You Marketing To?

It’s easy to imagine that drug rehab marketing should be directed toward addicts. After all, they’re the ones with the problem. Therefore, it would only seem to make sense to direct marketing messages to them, right? Well, not necessarily.

Although there are many high-functioning addicts, there are just as many people who have been seriously compromised by their addiction. For these people, everyday existence is a struggle because many drugs cloud the brain’s decision-making abilities.

Trying to make all of the decisions involved in seeking drug rehab is beyond the ability of many people troubled with addiction. Instead, it’s the family that must make most—perhaps even all— decisions regarding rehab treatment.

For some families, this is a difficult undertaking. Not because they don’t wish to but rather because they frequently are conflicted about how they feel about their loved one being addicted.

Removing the Addiction Stigma Through Drug Rehab Marketing

Without question, drug addiction has traditionally been the addiction no one talks about. People may talk about Uncle Joe’s problems with alcohol but far fewer will be anxious to mention mom’s OxyContin and heroin addiction. A son’s meth addiction? Many parents would rather take that secret to the grave if they could.

This is the stigma that drug addicts face. And it tends to interfere with timely drug treatment. Families must face facts: a family member is in trouble and they need to find drug rehab for this individual. Blaming the addict—even subconsciously—is counterproductive. Unwavering support and no blame—that’s what addicts need from their families.

Dreamscape Marketing spends a great deal of time communicating to family members through blogs and other client website information that addicts don’t choose to wreck their lives. All too often, they are ensnared by circumstances or, as is often the case, a co-occurring disease such as depression that helps fuel the addiction.

Breaking through the family’s mental barrier is the tipping point. It makes the entire treatment process easier for the family and easier for the rehab center to provide the best possible experience.

When the stigma of drug addiction goes away, successful recovery is right around the corner, don’t let the snake oil salesmen and do nothing agencies hold you back, learn why we’re creating such a buzz in the industry.