The Biggest Mistake Drug Rehab Centers Make With Digital Assets

The ever-evolving nature of technology has made addiction internet marketing one of the most challenging specialties in the business world. How addicts, their family members, alumni and partners all perceive the quality of a treatment program is a direct result of the facility’s digital presence. When addiction treatment facilities embrace this change, they profit from it—and save lives in the process.

Digital assets are becoming big business. In fact, by 2019, the digital asset management market worth is expected to be $4.12 billion. To build equity value in a competitive marketplace, drug addiction centers must maximize their digital assets. But what is the best way to do that?

Buying Your Way to the Top is Short-Sighted

The value of an addiction treatment center’s website is totally reliant on the organic traffic that it’s able to generate. Inorganic traffic, such as traffic driven by pay-per-click ads, paid directory listing and other paid physical and virtual traffic generating methods do little to build a company’s digital assets. In fact, those can all be easily duplicated by any company willing to pay the price of entrance.

Organic traffic must be earned over time through the development of content, supported by back-links, social networking, website design and search engine optimization. The cultivation of organic traffic leads to an annuity of low-cost, reliable and high-quality leads. In turn, these leads drive admissions at a cost per acquisition that actually decreases over time. All of this is accomplished in a more affordable manner than through any other marketing medium available to drug rehab centers.

Simply spending lots of money is not the solution. If you have enough money, you can pay to generate enough traffic to your website to garner admissions. In the very beginning, this may be a good strategy. But in a market where demand for certain admission demographics outstrips supply, the cost to do so only increases over time. There are better ways to build website traffic (and your digital assets), as we’ll discuss in our next blog.

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