Building Website Traffic: Smart Strategies to Make It Happen

When you pass an impressive building while driving, how often do you think about what it took to construct this impressive sight? Such a building is the result of a well-crafted design and expert builders who were able to make an architect’s dream a reality.

Just like building any commercial building in the physical world, building organic website traffic requires an addiction recovery treatment center to spend a sufficient amount of money to properly construct a website with a solid, reliable foundation. The center must then support it with:

  • Frequently changing, relevant content: Websites can never be created and left alone. They must be continuously re-created to maintain good SEO ratings. Newsletters and blogs are an excellent way to do this.
  • Social media postings: Help create top-of-mind awareness with current news or research that prospective patients will want to read about.
  • Videos: Professionally created videos add excitement and familiarity.
  • Infographics: These catch the reader’s eye with visually dynamic designs.
  • And other resources.

All of these valuable components educate and motivate the community, enabling the treatment center to gain the credibility needed to earn patients’ trust. The objective? For members of the community to choose their center instead of the virtually unlimited number of options available in the market today.

Building Website Traffic: It Takes Time

In a world where most people seek immediate gratification, this can be a difficult process to accept. However, for those willing to invest the time, money and effort, the return on investment can be quite substantial.

After working with dozens of addiction recovery treatment centers, Dreamscape’s research clearly indicates that there’s a tipping point in the life-cycle of each organic traffic growth strategy. That tipping point varies by:

  • Facility
  • Location
  • Service offerings
  • Intake staff
  • Many other variables

Once the tipping point is reached, the floodgates open and a wave of new admissions typically follow. The time spent waiting for results is quickly forgotten as facilities deal with the very good problem of having a huge influx of new patients.

An impressive building can’t be put up in a day or a month. It takes time but when it’s completed, the result is miraculous. The same is true for building website traffic for treatment center websites.