Drug Rehab Marketing

“How Do I Increase Traffic To My Rehab Center?”

That’s the one question every drug rehab facility asks us. Dreamscape Marketing’s job is to make sure this question is answered—with concrete results.

Rehab centers need drug rehab marketing to bring them smart SEO strategies that drive traffic to their website. There are many competitors and many choices for prospective patients when they do a Google search. What makes them choose to visit one site rather than another? Good drug rehab marketing.

But driving traffic to the client’s website is really only half the job of drug rehab marketing. The process can’t stop there. What if people come to the website but take no longer further steps? If rehab marketing is to be results-driven, there’s another step in the process.

The SEO results may be extremely impressive but at the end of the day, it’s just numbers in a report. Clients need conversions. When customers arrive on the website, there must be excellent language that informs and motivates them to take the next step. It’s a complex process where the writing must address readers’ chief concerns without talking down to them.

Good Drug Rehab Marketing Means Effective Web Copy

On the website for Water’s Edge Recovery addiction rehab center, for example, content has been geared to be understanding and nonjudgmental about addiction. It explains tiers in the continuum of care to create a comfortable learning environment for site users. Treatment programs are explained in easy-to-understand language and the need for rehab is consistently presented without pressure. In addition, the navigation makes it easy to check insurance information, which is generally one of the first concerns for most people seeking alcohol or drug rehab.

SEO results are important. Make no mistake about that. Traffic has got to come in. But remember that this is only half the battle. Only when a customer responds to a website’s call to action has drug rehab marketing truly done its job for the client.