SEO: Don’t Look For Shortcuts

Is there a similarity between SEO and drug addiction treatment programs? Actually, the answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

Dreamscape Marketing has worked with more than 100 drug rehab centers in every region of the country. In that time, we have discovered that SEO and addiction treatment share a surprising number of similarities. In this exclusive excerpt from Dreamscape Marketing’s whitepaper “10 Reasons Why SEO is Like an Addiction Treatment Program,” check out one such example:

Don’t Look For Shortcuts

Shortcuts to addiction recovery don’t exist. However, as the doctors and staff members of every drug rehab center know, patients will certainly look for them. Unfortunately, they will only become terribly disappointed when the shortcuts can’t be found. That’s a critical moment in treatment. The wrong action from the drug rehab center could mean these types of patients will leave treatment and potentially run into even bigger challenges with their addiction.

Patients sometimes have unrealistic expectations when they approach a rehab facility, hoping to find a shortcut that frees them from the hard work necessary to make recovery a success. These patients can be difficult to deal with because they come to you with the wrong impression of how drug addiction treatment actually works. It’s only through carefully adjusting their expectations that a positive effect will be possible.

With SEO, it’s unwise to be like those difficult patients who come to your facility. Because there are no shortcuts in SEO, trying to find them will only lead to frustration. There’s no automated link-building program in the world that can make an inferior website explode overnight with organic searches—certainly not over the long run. Results happen due to one thing and one thing only—hard work. Good SEO is the by-product of careful analysis, and it’s not a process that includes shortcuts.

SEO is a smart way to increase leads to your drug rehab center. It’s imperative that you approach it the right way. Download Dreamscape Marketing’s whitepaper entitled “10 Reasons Why SEO is Like an Addiction Treatment Program.” This one-of-a-kind whitepaper was created specifically for drug rehab centers that need to leverage their SEO efforts more effectively.