SEO: Expert Advisors Are Key

As unlikely as it seems, there are similarities between SEO and addiction treatment programs. Dreamscape Marketing, a leader in effective digital marketing strategies for drug rehab centers, has created a new whitepaper on the subject. The following excerpt is just an example of the similarities we’ve observed:

Expert Advisors Are Key

Few patients can overcome drug addiction without help. It’s not impossible… just very, very difficult. Rehab treatment provides an important ingredient that can make all the difference—expert advice.

For example, doctors and therapists monitor patients in detox to keep them safer than they would ever be in a self-detox environment. During rehab, trained professionals using evidence-based therapies help patients understand the causes of their addiction. Every drug rehab center strongly advises people against trying to get through recovery on their own—and with good reason. Research indicates that trying to overcome addiction without professional help is difficult.

Some drug rehab centers also want to do things themselves. They often try to market themselves and maintain their web presence without help. In the past when the internet was young, this was much more feasible. Now, the digital environment changes at a pace so fast that even marketing companies have to stay on the ball if they don’t want to get left behind.

Google has made dramatic changes that greatly affect how pages rank in the 100 billion searches conducted on its site every month. Without knowledge of the latest changes, facilities could easily find their pages penalized for infractions they knew nothing about. That’s where the experts at a digital marketing company can save the day for you. They track the changes that Google constantly implements regarding web content to ensure that your website doesn’t suffer as a result.

Make increasing traffic to your drug rehab center through effective SEO your top priority this year. Download Dreamscape Marketing’s Whitepaper entitled “10 Reasons Why SEO is Like an Addiction Treatment Program.” This invaluable whitepaper can help any addiction treatment center leverage its SEO efforts and generate more leads.