Redesigning your Drug Rehab Website Without Destroying SEO

There’s no getting away from it. Redesigning your drug rehab website is something you can’t avoid. Some drug rehabs try to, however. Fear of change and fear of the unknown convince many facilities to adopt the philosophy of, “Let’s not mess around with it. It’s mostly working OK, isn’t it?”

It’s easy to be hesitant about redesigning your drug rehab website. For many rehab owners, there’s a fear that a redesign could somehow do damage to SEO values. They perceive more risk than opportunity in a redesign. For others, a redesign means a break from the status quo that they’ve gotten very comfortable with. Unfortunately, the fact that the status quo isn’t really doing the job doesn’t always register.

An even more difficult situation occurs when decision-makers at an addiction treatment facility can’t reach a consensus about a web design change. Some may be strongly against it. Others may be very much for it. What do you do?

Redesigning Your Drug Rehab Website — What You Need To Know

Regardless of whether you’re for or against redesigning your drug rehab website, it’s a good idea to consider all aspects involved. For example:

  • Will a redesign introduce bugs that aren’t there now? If anything, the scrutiny that comes with a redesign helps identify existing bugs that no one knew about. An aggressive redesign usually finds things like coding errors that may have been causing problems.
  • Will a redesign work OK in different browsers? A fair question. A reputable web designer is always prepared for this eventuality. Done correctly, a website redesign will look right on all major browsers.
  • How will a redesign affect the loading speed? One of the more important reasons to redesign a website is to address the issue of a slow-loading website. If you’re working with a reputable web developer, a redesign should shorten, not lengthen, your page load time.
  • Could conversions be negatively affected? Not likely. The whole purpose of redesigning your drug rehab website is to better engage viewers, as well as capture viewers you could be missing.
  • Will a website redesign bring in the wrong kind of leads? It shouldn’t. Your SEO strategy and your content ought to be the main driving forces for screening out many unqualified leads. A website redesign, if anything, should help drive more qualified leads your way.
  • What effect will a redesign have on our SEO? This is a very legitimate question. A poor redesign could, in fact, harm your SEO. Any reputable web developer will learn the SEO strategy for your website. Consequently, they will take steps to ensure that valuable SEO elements of your website aren’t lost in the redesign.

It’s important to deal with these concerns. Putting off a website redesign can only hurt you. The longer you wait to redesign your website, the sooner your site begins to appear outdated. People naturally expect your rehab therapies to be up to date. Naturally, you don’t want your website to send the exact opposite impression. Redesigning your drug rehab website should be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy.

Steps for a Smooth Website Redesign

No website redesign can happen without careful consideration about how it should be accomplished and why. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Understand Your Audience 

In all likelihood, your drug rehab center appeals to certain audiences more than others. For example, maybe you’ve been branding your rehab center as having luxurious amenities. That will certainly mean you have a targeted audience you’re trying to reach. It’s important to understand that target audience. Such things as their income and education level and where they live will come into play when you’re redesigning your drug rehab website.

User Testing Can Be Useful

A website like can give you valuable and objective feedback regarding your redesign. Sometimes it’s helpful to get such unbiased opinions. You may not always like the feedback when it’s negative but brutal honesty is what you’re looking for.

Make a Big Announcement About It 

You never want to upload a major redesign without fanfares or explanations. This is an excellent excuse to stir up publicity and create excitement. Usually, it’s good to explain why you’ve made these changes. Tell them why it’s a better viewing experience for them now. Give them reasons to appreciate the changes you’ve made. A website redesign without an explanation or fanfare will often fail to achieve the results you’re hoping for.

Get Feedback

You love the redesign. However, you need to be sure that the world agrees with you. Solicit feedback about the redesign and see what people think. If they love it, great. If they’re not in love with it, find out why. Websites are often easy to tweak. If you get valuable feedback on what people didn’t like, you can often make minor tweaks quickly and easily.

A Website Redesign Works Well When It’s Done Right

A delicate balance must be maintained when redesigning your drug rehab website. The objective is to attract new visitors without damaging the experience that current visitors get. Prior to redesigning the website, it’s important to get a handle on the current users’ experiences and why things need to be improved. Also, determine what makes the present website work and concentrate on preserving those strengths in the redesign. As always, working with an experienced web development makes this process smooth and efficient.

As a Premier Google Partner, Dreamscape Marketing is well-versed in the latest trends and web design innovations. We’ve built or redesigned hundreds of drug rehab websites. Redesigning your drug rehab website doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. Contact us at 888-307-7304 or via our “Contact Us” webpage.