Google Introduces Recovery Resource Hub for National Recovery Month

In a surprise move to kick off National Recovery Month, Google unveiled a brand new resource for individuals seeking addiction treatment. The new website—called “Recover Together”—is a one-stop-shop for addiction recovery resources. Partnered with Recovery Resource Hub, the site helps individuals search for not only rehab centers, but also for addiction support meetings, places to get Naloxone medication, and other addiction resources. Created to highlight the importance of the existing epidemic, the “Recover Together” page was on Google’s home page on Sept. 1, which is tough real estate to get no matter what industry you’re a part of. Find out why Recovery Resource Hub is vital for individuals seeking treatment. Also, learn about the role it plays in drug rehab center SEO marketing.

How Recovery Resource Hub Helps People Find Addiction Help

There has been a myriad of issues with drug rehab center marketing in recent years. Patient brokering, false advertising, and outright scams have cast a dark cloud over the industry. Google responded by cracking down on rehab center PPC advertising in late 2017. In fact, many ads were completely banned.

The world’s biggest search engine began allowing paid ads back in the space in April 2018, but only after ensuring that drug rehab centers were LegitScript certified. LegitScript certification and verification can be a lengthy process, and for good reason: Google essentially wants to make sure that whomever they vet is ultimately looking out for the customer’s best interests.

Why the Recovery Resource Hub Should Matter to Rehab Centers

For starters, having your rehab center on the Recovery Resource Hub website means Google values your location as a trusted recovery solution. It’s easy to dismiss it as just being a pin on the map. However, for someone struggling with addiction or their family members, that pin can be a lifesaver.

From an SEO standpoint, the Recovery Resource Hub website is a valuable backlink in the industry, particularly because it’s powered by Google. If your rehab center is on there and your competitor is not, it’s an easy win.

Let Us Help with Your Drug Rehab Center SEO Marketing

Helping you get listed on Recovery Resource Hub is only one way that Dreamscape Marketing can help you with your rehab center’s web presence. For the last 15 years, we’ve helped addiction treatment centers gain visibility and admissions through strategic digital marketing.

In addition to SEO, our drug rehab center marketing services include:

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