5 Reasons to Redesign Your Dental Practice Website

Your dental practice website forms the foundation of your digital marketing plan. While social media gains a stronger presence each day, it’s really your practice website that all other marketing outlets rely on. For that reason, it’s important to redesign your dental practice website on a routine basis.

An unchanged website is a website that becomes dated surprisingly fast. Technological advances alone can render a website obsolete if it isn’t updated regularly. Changing tastes in graphic design and content can also doom a website that isn’t updated. If competitors keep up with advancements and you don’t, acquiring more new patients becomes increasingly difficult. When you redesign your dental practice website, you can keep pace with aggressive competitors.

Dreamscape Marketing has designed and created hundreds of websites for our healthcare clients. Along the way, we established five questions to help you determine if you need to redesign your dental practice website:

1. Is It User-Friendly Enough?

We put this question first because it’s of major importance. Remember that more than 80% of online visitors probably won’t return to websites if their experience wasn’t a good one.

This should come as no surprise really. Many people today visit hundreds of websites every year. The more websites they visit, the pickier they get. Most visitors expect a website that:

  • Loads fast 
  • Is easy to navigate 
  • Contains content they’re interested in

Does your practice website do all three of these things well? If not, it signals the fact that your most important digital marketing asset isn’t up to the task. The next step is obvious: redesign your dental practice website.

2. Does Your Website Look Dated?

Exactly how long has it been since your website’s design has been touched? Has it been one year? Two years? Five years? If this is the case, your website is fast becoming an antique. That’s hardly an image your practice should cultivate. Obviously, you want your practice to be known for keeping up to date with the latest dental technology. Keeping up with your digital technology is really just as important.

Whether we’re talking about dentistry or websites, no one likes something that has become outdated. Does anyone still want dial-up internet service anymore? Obviously not, because it’s an extremely dated way to connect to the internet. Few people walk around saying, “I really prefer cassette tapes to having music files on my smartphone!” Yesterday’s technology is quickly forgotten when something better comes along. That is the very reason to redesign your dental practice website.

3. Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Smartphones have become an important aspect of life for a majority of people. We use them to get to the internet more than we do with PCs. That’s what makes it so shocking that many dentists have websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly is nearly as outdated as dial-up internet service or cassette tapes.

Web visitors are finicky, and they have very little patience. Therefore, they aren’t likely to stay on a website that’s mobile-unfriendly. And who can blame them? You’d have to zoom in just to read anything. Why bother? The solution couldn’t be more apparent: redesign your dental practice website so that it’s more mobile-friendly.

4. Is Your Content Effective?

When visitors read the content on your website and it fails to motivate them to do anything, your website has failed to do its job. If your content doesn’t engage readers, your website is essentially a waste of bandwidth.

Good content has the ability to educate and motivate visitors. While educating prospective patients is important, your content must do more than that. What you say must also motivate viewers to pick up the phone and call your office.

For your content to be effective, it must address the viewer’s chief concerns. Does your content reinforce the idea that good oral health is easier to accomplish by regular visits to the dentist? Does your content convey that cosmetic dentistry can give readers the smile they want? Does it tell visitors to take the next step and call your office? In the end, that last step is the one that matters most. If your present content isn’t doing all of this, it’s time to refresh your content.

5. Does Google Know Your Website is Alive?

You can have the greatest website in the world but does anyone know about it? Does Google know your practice website is there? If not, you have a big problem. Basically, it means your SEO (search engine optimization) is failing to capture Google’s notice. Is your SEO strategy weak? Do you even have an SEO strategy?

For Google to give you a good ranking, your SEO must be excellent. Essentially, the better your SEO is, the better your Google ranking will be. To elevate your SEO game, it’s advisable to work with outside experts who are proficient in digital marketing. A digital marketing company with strong SEO skills can do much to get your practice website to rank higher.

Should You Redesign Your Dental Practice Website?

Thinking you’re ready to redesign your dental practice website? Then you’re ready to work with web development experts to make it happen. As a Premier Google Partner, Dreamscape Marketing knows what it takes to make your website rank well. We know SEO, so much so that we’ve been recognized as a top SEO agency in the US.

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