The Purpose of Content Audits

The purpose of content audits goes way deeper than making sure spelling and grammar are on point. Even if you’re a Harvard scholar well-versed in the English language, your content can still miss the target. Learn what a content audit can reveal and how that information can simultaneously help your website thrive.

Are You Using the Right Keywords?

Man explaining the purpose of content audits to a business womanUnderstanding how your users search for information will give you a leg up on competitors and is one of the main purposes of a content audit. If you’re not putting in the time to do comprehensive keyword research, your traffic potential will always be limited.

Without the right keywords in the right sequence distributed the right way throughout your content, your website won’t be worth much to users or search engine robots.

Who Are You Writing For?

Knowing your audience is vital if you want your website to rank—and, of course, convert. For instance, let’s say you’re doing content marketing for an addiction treatment center. As an expert in the field, you know that addiction is a complex disease. In order to highlight the complexities of addiction—as well as your expertise—you may be tempted to bombard the reader with medical jargon.

When thinking about the purposes of a content audit, keep in mind that writing content on a post-doctorate level may not be the best move. Doctors, lawyers, and successful business owners only make up a small part of your audience. Easy-to-read content gives you a higher chance of converting more types of users.

Does Your Content Answer a User’s Questions?

Along with reading the content, two metrics can tell you right away if you’re effectively answering questions. Those metrics are time on page and bounce rate.

If time on page is high and bounce rate (the measurement of how often visitors leave your site after viewing one page) is low, that means they got an answer to their question and now want to learn more about your business. If time on page is low and bounce rate is high, chances are they hit the back button and went back to SERPs for a better answer.

When thinking about the purpose of content audits, think about your habits as a user. Would you stay on a page that couldn’t answer your question?

Don’t Be Content with Your Content

Even if you think you have the greatest website in the world, it can always be better. Through content and SEO audits, Dreamscape Marketing can help you identify your website’s opportunities and develop targeted content marketing strategies to fix them.

Still have questions about the purpose of content audits? Call Dreamscape Marketing today at (877) 958-9180 and learn how we can fix your on page SEO.