Online Reviews for Drug Rehabs – How Does Your Facility Rate?

Woman reads online reviews for drug rehabsAll addiction treatment centers obviously develop marketing plans to generate leads. Typically, websites are the main focus as people spend so much time on the internet. Unfortunately, online reviews for drug rehabs is a subject that is often under-emphasized in marketing plans. It shouldn’t be.

You will obviously be happy when former patients speak well of your detox or drug rehab facility in online reviews. However, relatively few addiction treatment facilities make an effort to actively monitor or secure these reviews themselves.

Reviewing businesses is popular online, with Google and Yelp being two of the most popular venues. Consumers now rely on them more than ever due to the convenience of accessing the web on their smartphones. Failing to see the growing importance of online reviews for drug rehabs can cost you. Namely, it can result in declining admissions.

Managing online reviews and customer feedback, however, can seem difficult, especially if you have limited resources to monitor the review sites on a consistent basis. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that managing online reviews for drug rehabs should be a central part of all drug rehab marketing strategies. If you can’t manage the task yourself, it’s entirely appropriate to work with outside digital marketing experts.

One Review Site Isn’t the Same as Another

Review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp are getting a lot of attention. However, it’s Google reviews that are the most prominent since they’re so visible on the page when people get search results for a particular business. Given the prevalence of Google, it’s important to pay close attention to Google reviews of your addiction treatment facility, especially considering the sheer volume of people who may read them.

In order to better stay on top of reputation management, let’s take a closer look at Google reviews and how they impact your facility.

When someone searches for your facility, they’ll find it hard to miss the mention of Google reviews. If they are unfamiliar with your drug rehab center, there’s a very good chance that they’ll want to get a look at some of the reviews to try to get some sense of what others think of your facility and its programs.

Google reviews have more credibility than many review sites. Why? For one thing, reviewers can’t easily maintain anonymity because they’re using their Google account to comment. Consequently, the reviews are more likely to be thoughtful and less outright attacks at your expense.

Two Ways To Maximize the Benefits of Google Reviews

1. Have You Verified Your Business Listing?

To get Google Reviews, you need to be certain that your facility is Google-verified. This is easily accomplished by visiting the Google My Business page and registering your business address.

When registering your business, you’ll be able to associate your facility with several keywords that seem applicable. Google generates a PIN that you enter to verify your profile. Once this process is completed, you are part of the world of Google online reviews for drug rehabs.

2. Respond to Reviews, As Needed

Facilities not monitoring online reviews for drug rehabs can’t respond to reviews when it’s necessary. By not responding to reviews, you’re out of the conversation, which can be dangerous if someone lied about your center in a review. Remember that old adage attributed to Mark Twain, “A lie travels around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” If almost as if Twain was foreshadowing the immediacy of the internet.

Remember that not all reviews will be negative. If you’re doing your job well, plenty of people will sing your praises. By responding to positive reviews, you show that you care about what people are saying. Your grateful response may even get you more positive reviews. When someone says something especially heartfelt and complimentary, it’s appropriate to thank the reviewer for his or her kind remarks and restate your commitment to your patients and the facility’s dedication to helping individuals overcome their addictions.

Then, of course, there are the negative online reviews for drug rehabs. They will happen, no matter how well you do your job. You should never let these go unanswered. It’s important, however, to remain objective and calm in responding to anything negative that has been posted.

Sometimes, the reviewer may have a legitimate reason for being unhappy. If so, it’s good to show that your facility acknowledges it and display an eagerness to take steps to eliminate the problem that the reviewer mentioned. If a reviewer has posted information that you know is demonstratively false or misleading, you should quietly defend the facility against accusations.

To show that you are above calling the reviewer a liar, express regret that this person didn’t have a positive experience with your facility. Then, it’s time to move on. They’ll either appreciate your concern or they won’t. Other people reading your responses, however, will most certainly admire your restraint and your professionalism.

Online Reviews for Drug Rehabs Should be a Part of Every Marketing Plan

Google reviews may be the first and only reviews seen by potential patients when they locate your facility during a search on Google. When online reviews for drug rehabs speak well of a facility, it’s one of the best selling tools that center’s marketing department could possibly have. Naturally, your website and your social media is an excellent place to mention when you get glowing reviews.

Have you taken advantage of online reviews for drug rehabs? Is your website and social media doing you justice? It’s time to consider working with outside experts to take your digital marketing to a whole new level.

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