The Importance of URL Structure for SEO

You can’t minimize the importance of URL structure for SEO. Your URLs tell users and bots where your content lives on your website. Therefore, your URL structure for SEO needs to make both parties happy. What should you consider when constructing URLs for your website?

The Importance of URL Structure for SEO: Establish Hierarchy

Marketing professionals who understand the importance of URL structure for SEOTaking the time to establish URL hierarchy will add organization to your website while minimizing future frustration.

Think of your URL structure like a three or four-generation family tree with parent pages and child pages. The family’s lineage starts with the home page, and then the structure evolves from there.

For instance, a drug and alcohol rehab center’s URL would look like:

While planning your URL structure, it’s also important to remain consistent. A solid and consistent URL structure will improve how search bots crawl and index your website. It will also make it easier for users to navigate your website.

The Importance of URL Structure for SEO: Short and Sweet

When constructing URLs on a Content Management System like WordPress, it will generally auto-populate a URL for you based on your title. For instance, if your page title was “How to Find a Certified Plumber in Scranton, PA Who Installs Water Heaters and Bathroom Fixtures for Cheap,” the extension would read, “/how-find-certified-plumber-scranton-pa-who-installs-water-heaters-bathroom-fixtures-cheap/.”

This type of URL can confuse bots because it’s long and difficult to identify the page’s main topic. Is it about finding a certified plumber in Scranton, PA? Maybe it’s about finding a water heater installer? Could it be about cheap bathroom fixtures? Since the answers are unclear, the page loses its relevance in the eyes of the search engine bots.

From the user’s point of view, it’s just too long. Can you imagine telling a friend to write down that URL? If you can’t, you should probably re-evaluate your URL choice.

The Importance of URL Structure for SEO: Use Your Keywords

If you executed your keyword research correctly, you’ve identified a relevant term for the page’s given topic that will help users get to your page. However, if you don’t use the exact match keyword in the URL, you’re missing out on an opportunity to please both users and bots.

With that being said, don’t extend the URL to include too many keywords. While you may want a page to rank for more than just your target keyword, use the content to accomplish that goal instead of the URL.

Don’t Struggle with URL Structure By Yourself

There’s a ton that goes into creating the best URL structure for your website. While these tips may give you a good starting point, wouldn’t it be easier to have web gurus do the work for you?

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