How Does the Internet Benefit Drug Rehab Facilities?

A whopping 86% of patients use the internet to research and/or find the addiction treatment facility they chose to go to.

How does the internet benefit drug rehab facilities? Essentially, two things:

  1. Offline Multiplier effect: There is a well-known offline multiplier effect to all digital marketing campaigns. With so many of an addiction treatment center’s prospective customers looking for answers online, more conservative rules of thumb may not apply. The actual offline sales impact to your business may vary greatly, but Google has previously pegged the marketing multiplier effect at 25%. What this means is that for every $100 in sales that can be traced directly to your internet marketing campaigns, there is an additional $25 in sales that is generated in offline (in-person) sales. Intuitively, this makes sense. Not everyone who researches drug treatment services online will call you, e-mail you, or complete a submission form online. In fact, many will instead contact one of your partners, sales people or your intake person directly.
  2. Improved Close Rates: Having an internet/digital marketing initiative enhances the close rate of all your other channels. Your website is basically a salesperson working 24/7 just for you. It is also a conduit that helps the others channels close sales by providing a medium where every prospect, alumni and partner can interact with you in real time. Your website provides information about your programs, describes your amenities, alleviates fear and, with the addition of mobile apps and e-mail, even reaches out to alumni, clients and prospects to provide encouragement and support.

With the unlimited scope and reach of the internet and your website’s ability to offer virtually unlimited sales “assists” to your other marketing efforts, the internet is clearly an important part of any effective addiction treatment facility’s overall marketing program.

Many drug rehab facilities fail to take advantage of this amazing resource because the internet can appear so daunting. We all use the internet every day and it seems so simple, but how many of us really know how it all works? I can tell you that the internet is exceptionally easy to use, but it’s not simple to master.

The goal of any internet campaign is to garner traffic. Traffic can be obtained primarily in two ways: through an SEO or PPC marketing campaign. Both SEO and PPC campaigns (which Google calls Adwords) seek to target keywords and phrases that people search for and provide results. The higher a website page ranks in a search query results rank, the more people click on it…

This is an excerpt from Dreamscape Marketing’s Whitepaper, “Search Engine Marketing in Addiction Treatment: Planning for the Rising Costs of Google Adwords.” 

How does the internet benefit drug rehab facilities? This whitepaper will tell you exactly how!

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