Obamacare Changed the Drug Rehab Landscape Completely

What do people look for in a drug rehab center?

According to recent Google research, 91% of prospective patients want to know if a drug rehab center will take their insurance plan. Before Obamacare was passed, this presented issues for consumers and limited growth for rehab centers.

For many years, one of the largest stumbling blocks for people struggling with addiction problems was: how am I going to pay for rehab? It was always easier for affluent people to afford rehab care at a private facility. For the average lower or middle class individual, however, it was a very different story.

There’s really no denying the fact that rehab is a significant investment. For many people, excellent rehab care in a private facility simply wasn’t an option. Then, along came the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the picture changed overnight.

Drug Rehab & Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) marks an incredible turning point for people suffering from addictions—and for rehab centers as well. This legislation ensures that insurance companies will cover addiction just as they would any other medical condition. With ACA, previously unaffordable rehab is now affordable.

Now, thousands are seeking rehab treatment at private facilities where the care is customized and generally better than state-run facilities. This creates an enormous opportunity for drug rehab centers to attract consumers who never would have seriously considered such places in the past.

As we work with drug rehab clients, we make it a point through SEO and page content to emphasize the fact that most people’s insurance will now cover part or all of their treatment, depending on their plan. Since the ACA is so new, many consumers are still unaware of the changes in coverage regarding drug addiction treatment. Pages such as this are often the first time people learn they are more than likely covered. When they read and understand this vital piece of information, drug rehab marketing is doing its job.