Drug Rehab Branding: The Rules Are Totally Different

In traditional marketing, branding is an important—usually indispensable—function of advertising campaigns. A brand sets off a client as unique in some manner. As a company grows, its name becomes well-known and eventually turns into one of its key competitive advantages. A highly successful company usually trades off of its name recognition very effectively.

Some companies have taken this approach to the extreme and have been successful in doing so. Think of “Coke Is It” from the 1980s or Nike’s “Just Do It.” Objectively, these are meaningless phrases that tell you absolutely nothing whatsoever about the product. But each company’s name recognition has been off the charts for decades and they can make something this vague work quite well.

Drug Rehab Branding: What Is It Different?

Rehab facilities do not have this luxury. Research clearly shows that branding and name recognition mean far less in drug rehab marketing than they do in more traditional marketing. Consumers have zero top-of-mind awareness of any particular facility. Google research statistics indicate that the search leading a customer to a particular drug rehab center would surprise most marketing companies. Just 9% of searches for drug rehab were branded (e.g., using a drug center branded term). This shockingly low percentage stands in sharp contrast to the fact that 57% of these Google searches centered on specific types of treatment, such as detox, equine therapy or other specific terms.

The implications of these statistics are clear. Drug rehab branding cannot follow the path of product or service branding in other industries. Drug rehab branding is a truly unique entity. When people search Google on a drug rehab center, they have no point of reference in terms of companies. They only know—or care—about whether the facility can deliver the type of service they need. For this reason, Dreamscape Marketing implements marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of drug rehab centers.

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