Drug Rehab Websites: Essential for Conversions

Most drug rehab centers know they need a website that drives traffic. They don’t always realize it’s the single most important source of conversions they have at their disposal. Drug rehab websites are that crucial!

This point has been made crystal clear by recent Google research findings that indicated two startling pieces of information:

  • 88% of patients used a search engine to find a drug rehab center. This is a core reason for Dreamscape Marketing’s emphasis on SEO for its clients. If patients can’t find your rehab center when searching, they are unlikely to ever become your patients.
  • 21% relied on magazines for the same purpose. In contrast, 34% sought the advice of family and friends. Clearly, this is an indication of how ineffective traditional media is becoming.

The Paradigm Shift in Information Searching & Personal Purchasing

Twenty years ago, few people were predicting this radical shift in how Americans shopped or sought out information. In its infancy, the web was not utilized particularly well by businesses. Some saw it simply as a place where people put up personal pages, shared photos and nothing more. Few business websites understood the internet, let alone how to drive traffic to their pages. Online purchasing existed but at a minuscule level compared to what it would soon be capable of.

However, as technology brought broadband service and smartphones into the picture, the internet has obviously become something far more than a novelty. It has become an essential part of how people look for information when making a purchase.

Dreamscape Marketing often encounters drug rehab facilities that possess enormous potential yet exist in the Dark Ages in terms of their web presence. In today’s internet world, even IT professionals are challenged to keep up with the daily innovations and changes to the technology.

That’s why we advise against facilities handling their web presence without assistance. Internet technology moves at such an accelerated pace that few facilities can keep up without help from outside experts.

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