Marketing Ideas for Senior Living Communities – What’s Best?

Woman with marketing ideas for senior retirement communitiesHow should you create marketing ideas for senior retirement communities? Whether you’re running a CCRC, life plan community or assisted living facility, you need to have an orchestrated plan to reach prospective seniors.

In our experience maintaining and designing websites for hundreds of healthcare facilities across the country, Dreamscape Marketing has formulated effective marketing ideas that benefit senior retirement communities. In any senior living facility, we feel it’s important to educate, demonstrate and motivate. If those three things are the core of your marketing materials, your senior living community is positioned for greater website traffic and increased admissions.


How Marketing Ideas for Senior Retirement Communities Are Created

Marketing to seniors is a unique discipline and one that many marketing firms don’t fully understand. How prospective residents think eludes the minds of many marketing firms because they can’t put themselves in the shoes of seniors. That is the key to senior living community marketing.


Whether it’s right or wrong, people’s occupations define them to a strong degree. However, that goes out the window when retirement rolls around. In an occupation-oriented society, seniors may have a hard time understanding what their identity is any longer. Factor in underlying health concerns and you have the classic senior looking at retirement living options. That’s why it becomes so important to address the mindset of seniors in marketing ideas for senior retirement communities.

If you educate prospective residents about the virtues of living in a CCRC, life plan community or assisted living facility, by demonstrating how good their lives can be once they are there, you’re headed in the right direction. When you motivate them to take the next step, you’re that much closer to converting prospects into residents.


What do you have to do with your senior marketing? It comes down to showcasing the fact that it’s possible to still be vital and valued after retirement. You need to get across the idea that there’s such a thing as healthy aging when you’re a senior. Finally, you have to make it apparent that your senior living community can make all of this happen. When SEO campaign marketing ideas for senior retirement communities successfully incorporate these concepts, facilities can enjoy higher occupancy rates than ever.

As you grow and expand your marketing efforts, be sure to:



Your website and social media must do more than simply showcase your senior living community. You must also speak to the needs and desires of prospective residents. Most seniors have only a vague understanding of what retirement communities are like. The more information you give them, the more appealing the idea of a senior living community becomes.



This is when you begin to suggest that your community is their best choice. Maybe you’re the biggest facility, perhaps you’ve been around the longest or you have the only facility with a complete continuum of care in the area. Whatever the competitive advantage, your digital marketing content needs to highlight it clearly. If seniors have many choices for retirement living, you have to show why they should come to you and not someone else.



Educating prospective patients is a good thing. However, it doesn’t help you very much if you aren’t going to try to persuade them to take action. Whether it’s requesting a brochure or arranging an appointment with a retirement counselor, you have to tell your audience what the next step is. Don’t assume they’ll figure it out on their own.


Good marketing ideas for senior retirement communities aren’t about hard-sell marketing techniques. They’re really about giving seniors the information they need so that they understand why retirement communities provide a better standard of living than they’re experiencing right now.


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