Link Building – How Your Drug Rehab Site Benefits

Link building for drug rehabsLink building is an important activity if you’re trying to increase your detox or drug rehab website’s Google ranking. While design and content certainly matter, you need to look at the possibilities that link building offers.

What can link building do for you? Increase search traffic to your website, pure and simple. Although important, remember that link building can never compensate for a poorly written or designed website. Once you’ve got an excellent website… that’s when you should be engaging in linking building—not before.

When used as part of a comprehensive marketing plan, link building can be quite effective. In its experience of creating and maintaining hundreds of drug rehab websites, Dreamscape Marketing has determined that link building is greatly aided by the following:


The internet is an overload of information and images, and there’s a surprising “sameness” among many websites in terms of look and content. In such an environment how do you make your detox or drug rehab website stand out? The answer is simple: infographics. These shareable assets often develop a life of their own and will assist in link building.

Infographics grew out of an obvious need to boil down content into bite-size chunks that readers could easily digest. They’re essentially eye candy… attractive graphics that are easy on the eyes and brief, simple content that’s easy to comprehend at a glance. In other words, it’s the perfect media for a society that suffers from a short attention span.

Dreamscape Marketing has successfully utilized infographics to increase link building for many of our drug rehab center clients. Some of the results that can be achieved include:

Getting Attention

People have always been attracted to interesting graphics. Words on a page have no particular appeal visually. However, when part of a eye-catching infographic design, your content can suddenly be far more attractive to potential readers. What good is great content if not enough people are reading it? That’s where infographics can be the vehicle for getting people to pay attention to what you have to say.

Easy to Track

Like putting a tracking device on a fish and monitoring its migration patterns in the ocean, an infographic can be tracked every time someone clicks on it or shares it. You know who shared it and who they shared it with. That’s an incredible benefit. Being able to follow the migration pattern of the infographic leads to a better understanding of your target audience.  Tracking allows you to better understand the whole link building process.

Potential to Go Viral

When we create an infographic that is both relevant and shareable, the process has a snowball effect. When it works, it takes on a life of its own. If an infographic goes viral, a client gets publicity that they couldn’t buy in a thousand years. All of that publicity can increase a drug rehab center’s website traffic exponentially. Even without going viral, any traffic that’s the direct result of people sharing the infographic is a measurable benefit to an addiction treatment center.


When our drug rehab clients offer scholarships for students recovering from addiction, it benefits both the student and the facility offering the scholarship. In the process, a hive of links begin to spring up about your scholarship. People looking for scholarships find your website, perhaps faster than they would any other way.

Scholarships also generate local publicity that your facility might not get otherwise. Media outlets will be far more receptive to discussing your scholarship than simply talking about your facility. After all, a scholarship program is newsworthy. Naturally, the more media outlets and websites talk about your scholarship, the more links are being created that lead to your facility.

Guest blogs

The practice of creating guest posts on industry-specific blogs can be quite effective. Oddly, a few marketers don’t buy into guest blogging. This seems odd to us because guest blogging achieves one vitally important objective: you reach an audience that you may never have reached otherwise.

Guest blogging offers a remarkable opportunity to build brand awareness. If this guest blog is reaching an audience that’s unfamiliar with our client, it can prove highly beneficial. After all, no matter how beautifully designed and written a client’s site may be, it’s possible to miss some members of the target audience. Sometimes, we can reach those people through guest blogging. If that happens, our clients enjoy more traffic to their drug rehab websites and, if the process works the way it’s supposed to, greater admissions.

Guest blogging, of course, is a key aspect of link building. In fact, link building depends on bringing new audiences into the fold and nothing does that better than guest blogging. From Google’s perspective, when our clients build links with prestigious websites, it increases their authority and builds their reputation with Google. As a result, our client websites can often rank better. As every competitor battles for better SEO ranking, link building becomes an important way to do that.

When Dreamscape Marketing executes a guest blogging strategy, we don’t just settle for any blog site willing to take out client’s content. We only work with reputable websites with legitimate, active followings. This is an important component because it’s pointless to guest blog on a site where most or all of the subscribers are purchased. If that’s the case, those subscribers are nothing more than bots with inactive accounts. What’s the result? A guest blog that will never generate any genuine results for our clients.

What Can Link Building Do For Your Drug Rehab Center?

When link building is effective, it’s out there working 24 hours a day for your facility. When based on shareable assets like infographics or scholarships, the process of link building becomes self-sustaining after a while.

It’s time to increase traffic to your detox or drug rehab website. If you would like more information on how Dreamscape Marketing can take your link building to a whole new level, contact us at 888.307.7304 today.