SEO for Drug Rehab Centers

Learning SEO for drug rehab centersDetox and drug rehab centers aren’t like most other types of businesses. Unlike with a product that you can push aggressively, you’re promoting a service. Furthermore, prospective patients have to put a great deal of trust in your ability to help them overcome addiction. That’s what makes SEO for drug rehab centers such a unique challenge.

Drug rehab marketing allows companies to compete much more cost effectively than traditional marketing methods of the past. Back then, the biggest spenders always dominated. Now, SEO knowledge and skill matter more than the sheer number of dollars you spend. Smart SEO for drug rehab centers can drive more patients to your facility than you ever thought possible.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the most cost effective technique available to increase your online presence. The degree to which you embrace it has a huge effect on whether you fill your beds or not.

The Internet – Reach Clients Where They Are

How do you find a restaurant these days? Or a movie theater, a dentist, or dry cleaners? More than likely, you use Google to find names or do research. In less than 20 years, things like telephone directories have turned into curious reminders of another era. Now, the web is where people get virtually all of their information.

Google is by far the most used search engine on the web. Have you noticed how people don’t say that they “search” for things on the internet? Instead, they “Google” them. That’s how pervasive Google is today. It’s important that you understand how they operate.

Just as they do for everything else, people search for drug rehab centers or detox facilities online. Consequently, when people search for “addiction treatment in [your city],” you better hope they’re seeing your facility’s website appear prominently. Good SEO for drug rehab centers is what makes that possible.

An SEO-ready website is one that people are far more likely to find when they do a Google search. Good content is definitely a start. However, that’s not going to get you there. It takes a serious knowledge of what Google is looking for (and not looking for) for a site to rank well.

Understanding SEO for Drug Rehab Centers

Unless you’re an expert on SEO, it’s easy to be skeptical about whether it really works. After all, it’s a bunch of complex algorithms. How could anyone know everything about them or what it takes to rank well with them? As it turns out, there are a number of things we do know about what search engines like Google want to see on a website.

For example, Google will look for certain keywords in web pages. That’s an important element of SEO. However, it’s certainly not the only one. There are dozens of important factors that contribute to a good ranking on Google. SEO for drug rehab centers should always factor them in.

What’s important to keep in mind, however, is that Google’s parameters are constantly evolving. What was acceptable last year may not be OK this year. That’s why you or your marketing company have to stay on top of Google’s updates. You don’t want to find your ranking drop because you’re committing what Google now sees as a bad practice.

How is SEO For Drug Rehab Centers Different?

Keywords for drug rehab centers are going to vary greatly, depending on the therapies and services you offer. Knowing what the right keywords are requires in-depth research and a comprehensive understanding of your prospective clients.

Does your addiction treatment center specialize in treating certain types of drug addiction? Do you emphasize a holistic approach? Do you offer luxury amenities? Your answers dictate the kind of SEO strategy you should employ.You aren’t just trying to reach prospective patients with your website. Consequently, you need to keep in mind the family members and friends who are searching for a facility for their loved one. They should be part of your SEO drug rehab strategy as well.

SEO For Drug Rehab Centers – How Do You Benefit?

The better your SEO, the higher your website ranks in Google. It’s that simple. The better you rank, the more people find your website. More people on your website leads to more phone calls. That’s why you need to do well in SERPs (search engine results pages).

You also have better online authority when you have a linking strategy that gets credible websites to link to you. Google wants to see that. When credible sites link to you, Google views that as a sign that you are a trusted, authoritative source. With SEO, there are a lot of moving parts. When your SEO strategy is good, it can often get even better over time.

SEO = More Visitors = Leads

The results of good SEO are very concrete. It means more visitors and more leads coming into your drug rehab center. That’s the power of SEO for drug rehab centers. But that only happens when a digital marketing company has what it takes to optimize your website for maximum effectiveness.

Dreamscape Marketing has emerged as a thought leader in the addiction treatment space. The industry’s most important events routinely invite our CEO, Dan Gemp, to speak at their functions. However, we do more than talk. We’ve designed and built hundreds of dynamic websites for detox and drug rehab centers. In addition, we’ve crafted more than 50,000 pages of SEO-ready content. In short, we know drug rehab.

As a Premier Google Partner, Dreamscape Marketing is uniquely positioned to help our clients increase their search rankings and therefore drive more traffic to their websites. Call us today at 888.307.7304 or email us at and let’s discuss how SEO for drug rehab centers will increase your admissions.