Business Intelligence For Drug Rehab Centers

Studying business intelligence for drug rehab centersBusiness intelligence for drug rehab centers ultimately determines how successful your facility will be. Some addiction treatment centers don’t know that. In fact, a few don’t even know the term.

Business Intelligence, also known as BI, is an industry term for the strategies and technologies that companies use based on the data that they have collected. Rather than rely on intuition or anecdotal evidence, business intelligence empowers a company by providing historical, analytical and predictive “snapshot” of a company’s operations at any given time. For example, business intelligence for drug rehab centers can point to everything from what web content drives phone calls to how many phone calls lead to conversions to whether the center is billing efficiently.

Business Intelligence for Drug Rehab Centers – Why It Matters

BI relies on several components, including:

  • Reporting & analysis
  • Performance management
  • Benchmarking
  • Predictive analytics

Business intelligence for drug rehab centers is the key to identifying new opportunities, correcting existing inefficiencies and as a way of determining future operational and strategic decisions. It’s also a gateway for making your business more competitive in both the short and long term.

If collected properly, business Intelligence combines external data (information outside of your facility) and internal data so that you can set benchmarks. You can’t do that with extremely limited or incomplete data. The enormous advantage an addiction treatment facility has when it works with an outside marketing firm is that they gain input from an objective source. If the marketing company is an expert on the addiction treatment industry, they can help the facility benchmark itself against other facilities across the country. This enables the detox or rehab center to have a far better understanding of where it stands.

Integration Between Systems

Business intelligence for drug rehab centers can be of no benefit without integration between your various systems so that they function smoothly. From an IT standpoint, systems integration means bringing together disparate subsystems in order for the data from each to become part of a coherent whole.

Central to the discussion of system integration is your customer relationship management systems (CRM). Without question, integrating your CRM with other systems is especially important because it empowers marketing and sales to function more effectively and reach the facility’s goals. An addiction treatment center should designate integrating its call tracking system with CRM as a top priority in order to optimize efficiency. Failing to do so is asking for trouble.

When call tracking and your CRM are integrated, you can add call-related information to your existing workflows or dashboards. By doing so, you can gain a clearer sense of what leads you should concentrate on. Without this information, it’s entirely too easy to put your efforts in the wrong direction. By integrating CRM with call tracking, you’ll get a more complete idea of each prospect’s journey from phone call to what is hopefully an admission.

CRM integration is crucial to enhancing an addiction treatment facility’s marketing and sales goals because it is able to import crucial contact information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses or any related billing information. Successful integration makes it easier for a facility to follow up and log any further interactions.

Efficiencies Between Business Cycles

A business cycle is a chronicle of activity over the course of a year for businesses. It encompasses all of the fluctuations that are likely to occur over that time period, which includes high and low periods of activity. Business cycles are a record of recessions and expansions. Recessions, of course, occur when the economy is shrinking. Typically, more people will be out of work, production drops and salaries get cut back. During an expansion, all of these indicators are positive: jobs, production and salaries are up.

Like any business, your addiction treatment facility is greatly affected by good and bad economic times. To better prepare for the shifts in the economy, keep the following in mind:

Use technology

The numbers are there, painting a picture every day of how your facility is doing.

Have good people in place

The data doesn’t read itself. The right people have to be there to collect and analyze it. The right people also need to be there to act upon it.

Don’t leave staff members in the dark

Every staff member should know how things are going for the facility. Remember that they are the people who will make your facility succeed or fail.

Be ready to train and retrain

Part of business survival means being able to pivot in different directions, sometimes quite rapidly.

Don’t be a deer in the headlights

Be prepared for change. Expect it. Anticipate it. Plan for it. The smart company is one that’s prepared for change and ready to respond to it.

A disorganized company doesn’t watch its own data like a hawk. Therefore, it won’t function  efficiently. Such a business will always have enormous difficulty adjusting to the natural variance of business cycles. Think of the old saying about how a tree with branches that bend easily in the wind survives while a tree with brittle branches will see those branches snap off. You want your addiction treatment facility to be that flexible tree!

The Bottom Line on Business Intelligence

Business intelligence for drug rehab centers is crucial to the growth of any addiction treatment facility. It should be defined and assessed as an approach to becoming the best at what you do. The better your business intelligence, the greater the chance you’ll have of succeeding in a highly competitive field.

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