The best SEO campaign will contain many moving parts. However, one of the most important elements of any good on-page strategy is the research behind what content goes on each page. How the content is crafted and what it’s crafted around largely influences how the site will rank on Google and other search platforms. In order to create good content, you need good keywords. SEO keyword research can make the difference between attracting the customers you want and the ones you don’t. The keywords used in your site’s content should be words and phrases that people are searching often. Dreamscape Marketing’s SEO keyword research strategy can make the difference. For digital marketing services from an agency that knows how important keyword research is, connect with our team at 888.307.7304.

What Is SEO Keyword Research?

seo keyword researchSEO keyword research is almost exactly what it sounds like. It’s all about investigating words and phrases that people are typing into search queries. In order to perform this research, SEO specialists will use various keyword research tools. Some of these are free, like Google Trends, while others cost money.

The “pay to play” tools often go more in-depth and provide more information on how people are searching for a specific word or phrase, as well as what other similar phrases they might be searching for. Some of the data that keyword research agencies collect when doing keyword research include:

  • Search volume – How often people search a specific term
  • Ranking difficulty – How hard it is to rank for a specific term
  • Relevancy – Whether or not a keyword matters to your industry
  • Related keywords – Synonyms and other similar keywords that can help boost the keyword of choice

Gathering all of this information allows your SEO keyword research agency to choose keywords that work together with the rest of the strategy to get a site ranking near the top of the SERPs. This important part of on-page SEO shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why Keyword Research Strategy Matters

The primary way that we use keyword research at Dreamscape Marketing is to craft landing pages and blogs. The job of your blogs is to support other pages on the site. We purposefully create blogs and landing pages that work well together without being on the same topic. It’s important to have complementary pages rather than exact match pages.

You don’t want to play a guessing game with your keywords. Instead, you want to know that those keywords are ones that users are interested in. Not only do they need to be terms that people frequently search, but they need to be relevant to your site and industry niche. After all, you don’t want people clicking on a page only to click right back off of your site because they aren’t getting the information that they need. Content research ensures that they stay on your website’s page.

Moreover, many sites optimize for keywords that aren’t useful. For example, you may have a product or service that isn’t unique, but that you’ve named specifically for your brand. While uniqueness is great for branding yourself, it isn’t always great for search, especially if you aren’t a large enough brand that people will automatically know the name of your product or service. While Apple can market a Macbook and people know what it is, smaller companies need to stick to using a word like “laptop.”

How We Use SEO Keyword Research

The more these pages can interact with each other and link to each other, the better search engines can draw correlations from them and understand what your site is about. In turn, this will help your site rank well and convert well.

Implementing an SEO and Content Research Strategy

Keyword research helps take the guesswork out of your SEO. Content research gives us an understanding of the type of content your site needs, making it easier to create a digital marketing plan. That’s where Dreamscape comes in. We are experts in both on- and off-page SEO for a variety of fields including:

Let us take the time to do your content research and strategize while you focus on what’s important for you: running your business. We’ll bring in the leads and help you convert them. Take advantage of our search engine marketing (SEO) agency campaign services today.

If you’re ready to get moving on a keyword research strategy that works, give Dreamscape Marketing a call today at 888.307.7304.

The right keywords greatly influence the success of your website. Therefore, keyword research is an essential high-return activity that can’t be ignored.

Learning keyword demand in your market helps you learn not only what terms and phrases to use, but it also makes it easier to understand your customers and their unique needs. Remember that it’s not necessarily bringing the most visitors to your site as it is about bringing the right visitors to your site.

Keyword research can also help you:

  • Predict any shifts in demand
  • Respond faster to changes in the market

How Valuable is Keyword Research?

It’s the difference between low rankings and a below average number of visitors and high rankings and higher traffic. Take, for example, a drug rehab treatment center. What keywords should you be striving for? Drug rehab? No, that’s too general and you’ll never rank highly with that. Heroin rehab? Better, but it’s still pretty broad. Heroin rehab in Florida?

Now, we’re getting somewhere.

Always ask yourself the following questions regarding keywords:

  • Is this the right keyword for my website?
  • Will users likely find my website when they type that keyword in their search?
  • Is my website going to be what they were looking for?
  • Will this result in more business to my company?

Google AdWords: Are They Worth It?

All businesses must have the discussion about Google AdWords sooner or later. It’s easy to be attracted to the idea of increasing traffic to your website so easily. However, for many companies, Google AdWords may not be the best idea.

For starters, the increase in traffic in no way guarantees an increase in qualified leads. Some may land on your website without any serious intention of doing anything. Unfortunately, they’re paying for these people to land on your site—possibly a lot of money. Remember that cost-per-click can be quite expensive, depending on the word. That means it will be impossible to compete with large companies that drop enormous amounts of money on AdWords every month. Fortunately, no company needs to depend on AdWords because there are far more cost-efficient ways to increase traffic and get qualified leads.

What’s a Long Tail Keyword?

It sounds like an odd term. However, it’s an important concept that must be understood. Consider, for example, a drug rehab center. Obviously, it would be great to rank #1 for the keyword “drug rehab.” Realistically, however, that’s never going to happen. Furthermore, ranking for such a general search term shouldn’t even be the objective in the first place.

In fact, the searches that really matter are called the “long tail” of search. The long tail represents hundreds of millions of truly unique searches. In fact, these searches are much more valuable to companies because the user is further along in the buying cycle. For example, a person searching for “drug rehab” is probably browsing, and may not be ready to move forward with treatment. On the other hand, if someone is searching for “best drug rehab in Southern California,” they are very likely to take the next step.

Keyword research requires time and expertise to work properly. Dreamscape Marketing, a proud Google Partner, can help you formulate an effective keyword strategy for your website. With an unprecedented 15 Google-certified staff members in the company, Dreamscape Marketing knows SEO. Call us today at 800-571-8553 and let’s discuss your SEO needs.