Front Page Google Results for Dental Practices – How it’s Done

Many ambitious dentists probably say to themselves sooner or later, “How can I be on the first page of Google results?” Often, this sentence is uttered when production is down. Therefore, it’s perfectly natural to start thinking about enhancing your Google ranking. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily all that easy to accomplish. Front page Google results for dental practices requires a disciplined series of actions to occur.

Dentists wanting front page Google results will have to contemplate the following:

  • What are you trying to get ranked for? Admittedly, you’ll never rank for “dental practice.” A very large number of people are trying to rank for that term. In the end, however, ranking for that term shouldn’t really be your concern anyway.
  • Why are you trying to get on Google’s first page results? If front page Google results for dental practices is a big concern for you, there’s a “why.” As you compose an answer, you may discover other issues that need to be addressed.
  • Will front page results on Google achieve your goal or goals? Maybe you’re trying to find more new patients, increase production per chair or get people more interested in your elective procedures. Whatever the case, you need to be able to say that this accomplishes the goal.

Front Page Google Results for Dental Practices – Where Do You Begin?

If increasing your practice’s Google ranking is a priority, you should think about the following action steps:

Figure Out a Keyword Strategy

Do you have some concept of which keywords you’d like your practice website to rank for? Are these the right keywords? How do you know if these are the right keywords? 

These are all very valid questions. What you think should be your keywords may not even be the right ones. In fact, the right keywords might not be obvious to you. In the end, you want to use keywords that aren’t being pursued by every dentist out there. Figuring out what those keywords are takes serious research.

Once you’ve determined your keywords, you need to begin dropping them into landing pages. It’s wise to use them lightly and when using them feels appropriate. Excessive use of keywords is known as “keyword stuffing.” That’s considered an unethical marketing technique, and it’s one that Google will penalize you for. Consequently, it’s always best to take an ethical approach to front page Google results for dental practices.

Long Tail Keywords Benefit Your Dental Practice Website

As the years go by, people have changed how they use Google to search. In the past, they tended to search for single words. Now with the increasing use of digital assistants like Siri or Alexa, phrases or questions are being used much more often. Consequently, the key to success in getting front page Google results for dental practices is using long-tail keywords. Ranging from three to six words, long-tail keywords are an integral part of achieving higher Google rankings.

In the past, a common keyword strategy for a dental practice might have been “dental practice.” Today, trying to rank for that phrase would be virtually impossible because so many people are trying to do so. Let’s say, for example, you’re a cosmetic dentist in New York. Using a long-tail keyword strategy, something like “New York dental practice” is closer to what you want. “New York cosmetic dental practice” is actually exactly what you want.

Basically, the entire world could be competing for a phrase like “dental practice.” With a long-tail keyword like “New York cosmetic dental practice,” the audience narrows considerably. As a result, far fewer people will be competing to rank for that phrase.

Inbound Links Build Your Practice’s Reputation

Just having a bunch of inbound links doesn’t necessarily mean much. They have to be the right inbound links. You need authoritative people linking to your website. For example, Joe the electrician linking to you doesn’t mean much. JADA linking to you, however, would mean a lot.

To monitor who is linking to you, you can look at Google Webmaster Tools. By doing so, you’ll know if poor quality websites are linking to you. As always, the objective should be to get as many authoritative links as possible.

Front Page Google Results for Dental Practices – It Can Be Done

Trying to improve your website’s Google ranking is certainly a good goal. To make that happen, however, is going to require thought and expertise. It’s always wise for dentists to work with professional digital marketers to help you achieve your objective.

Dreamscape Marketing has the knowledge and experience you need. We’re a Premier Google Partner that’s been recognized as one of the top five SEO agencies in America. We’ve created hundreds of websites for our healthcare clients. Put us to work for you.

Front page Google results for dental practices isn’t an impossible dream. Contact us today at 877-958-9180 or via our “Contact Us” webpage to find out why. Let’s enhance your Google rankings starting today.