How to Utilize Google Analytics For Drug Rehab Websites

There’s really no excuse for not knowing in great detail what’s happening with your addiction treatment website. With Google Analytics for drug rehab websites, you have the ability to know intricate details at any given moment. To forego having this knowledge is essentially handing a very large advantage to all of your competitors.

Traditional marketing’s ability to gauge its own effectiveness has always been limited. Digital media, on the other hand, is quite different. With your website, Google Analytics gives you the opportunity to achieve a level of marketing knowledge unheard of in the past. 

It’s likely that you have hundreds of people landing on your website each month (if you don’t, we should talk about that). At this point, an important question presents itself… how much do you know about all of these visitors? The answer should be a lot! And that’s an important point. If you have a lot of visitors but you don’t know much about them, you’re missing marketing opportunities. Fortunately, Google Analytics for drug rehab websites empowers you to know a great deal about your prospective patients.

The list of what Google Analytics can do for you is quite long. First and foremost, it gives you key insights about your website’s performance level. With that information, you can do a better job of creating or adjusting your marketing goals. For example, with Google Analytics for drug rehab websites, you can discover the following:

  • Track how much traffic your drug rehab website gets
  • Determine where the traffic is coming from
  • Discover how visitors interact with your website once they’re on it
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your social media presence
  • Track mobile app traffic

All of this data helps you to identify patterns and pinpoint trends. It’s those patterns and trends that will have a strong influence over your future marketing plans.

Understanding Google Analytics for Drug Rehab Websites

The following are important Google Analytics terms that you need to know:


Web traffic that turns into admissions to your drug rehab center. If conversions are low, you need to re-evaluate both the design and content of your website.

Traffic Source

Indicates how visitors arrive at your website. This shows whether they followed links from other websites, or if a search engine directed them your way.

Session Duration

This tells you how long people spend on your drug rehab website. Perhaps people are spending a good amount of time on some pages and almost none on others. With Google Analytics for drug rehab websites, you no longer have to guess about information like this.

Bounce Rate

This indicates the number of people who view a single page and then navigate away from your website. The higher the bounce rate, the bigger the problem you face. A high bounce rate could trigger a serious need to evaluate your website content.


This is a good indicator of how engaged prospective patients are. It sheds light on their behavior, such as whether they watch your videos or download information.

Landing Page

This is the first page that visitors observe when they get to your website. What page that is will indicate what content brings people to you.

Google Analytics Reports – Here Are Ones To Monitor


This indicates the source of your traffic, which is a major factor in determining the effectiveness of your drug rehab website. Acquisition tells you whether traffic comes from search engines, social media or via links from other websites. This data gives you a good indication of what’s working and what isn’t in terms of addiction treatment marketing.


This will tell you which words or phrases people used on a search engine to get to your drug rehab website. The data has massive implications for how to run your keyword research and organize your content writing.

Landing Page

This indicates which landing pages are the most popular on your website. The data is a good incentive to figure out where these prospective patients are coming from and why they’re landing on these pages. Google Analytics for drug rehab websites is often a series of traffic signs that point in certain directions. You simply have to follow where they go.

Active Users

Shows you the number of people who are active on your rehab website at any given time period. It can be used to determine what pages these active users find the most interesting. This info can be used to revamp parts of your rehab website that aren’t being visited frequently.

Two Features That No Drug Rehab Center Should Ignore

Traffic Sources

Basically, this indicates what’s bringing visitors to your website. Although Google is the most prominent search engine, there are many others out there. You certainly want to know which search engines bring you traffic, and in what quantities. 

The data from traffic sources will indicate your next course of action. For example, if you’re not getting very many visitors via search engines, that’s a pretty good indication that your SEO campaign strategy needs revamping.

Custom Reports

Not every type of business wants the exact same kind of reports. In all likelihood, you’ll want to customize your reports. For example, a drug rehab website has no need for features like tracking visitors based on product information like color, size, etc.

What Does Google Analytics for Drug Rehab Websites Say About Your Website?

Google Analytics for drug rehab websites can point out many things. Some will be good and, unfortunately, some won’t be. Often, analytics will point out the need for substantial changes to your rehab website. If that’s the case, it’s wise to work with an experienced digital marketer to re-engineer your website for maximum effectiveness.

Dreamscape Marketing, a Premier Google Partner, can help you get the most out of your Google Analytics. Recognized as a top SEO agency, Dreamscape Marketing can put its knowledge and experience to work for your rehab center. Contact us today at 888-307-7304 or through our Contact Us page. Google Analytics for drug rehab websites is an invaluable asset. Let us help you take advantage of it.