Drug Rehab Websites: What do Prospective Patients Want?

Drug Rehab facilities often spend a great deal of time trying to guess who comes to their website and why. At times, their conclusions are based not on data but on a feeling… a hunch.

Sometimes, their assumptions are correct. More frequently, they reach very wrong conclusions about what makes their website a powerful resource. As a result, they can waste a great deal of time and energy pursuing the wrong objectives regarding their web presence.

What Do Patients Look For On Drug Rehab Websites?

When prospective patients make it to drug rehab websites, what do they look for? According to recent Google scientific research, they’re essentially want two things:

  • 43% want to view testimonials from former patients. Nothing can be more persuasive than knowing how people who were in the same situation successfully conquered their addictions. At Retreat Lancaster County, for example, it’s easy to read testimonials or view videos of patients from all walks of life.
  • 53% wish to see professional reviews. People are apprehensive about rehab due to the cost and whether it’s effective. Drug rehab facilities that are recommended by experts in the health field makes it easier for prospective patients to trust a facility to help them.

Why Do Visitors View Videos on Drug Rehab Websites?

Essentially, they want someone to guide them through the process so that they can imagine themselves doing the same thing:

  • 44% want to obtain basic information. This may include facility location, the costs, the amenities, etc. They’re on a fact-finding tour and this information delivered by someone like themselves can be helpful.
  • 46% are trying to understand the treatments. Chalk this up to web surfers who would rather have someone tell them about a facility than read about it. Although web content is important, a powerful testimonial from a persuasive ex-addict speaks volumes.

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