In Drug Rehab, the Numbers Tell a Story

In the world of drug rehab, driving traffic to the client’s website is the top priority for success. Drug Rehab Centers generally understand the necessity of having a website but they don’t always realize that their business would probably cease to exist without it.

According to a recent Google/Complete Treatment Center Study, there are several characteristics that define people who check into rehab programs:

  • People who become patients conduct three times as many internet searches than those who didn’t.
  • When patients wished to watch a rehab center’s videos, they were more likely to do it on their smartphone than on their PC.
  • Patients who watched videos on their Smartphone were more likely to become patients than those who watched on their PCs.

The Importance of Smartphone-Optimized Websites

That final bullet point bares particular examination. Even in this “wired” world, a surprising number of websites are not smartphone-friendly. That’s a mistake. The Google/Complete Treatment Center Study clearly indicated that 33% of smartphone users booked an appointment to speak with a facility, as opposed to just 15% of those using a PC.

We take a statistic like that very seriously when creating drug rehab websites. Waters Edge Recovery, for example, is optimized for smartphones and it’s easy to reach high-priority topics for patients, such as insurance information, treatment program descriptions, etc.

Nothing will put off smartphone users faster than a website that won’t display properly when they hit the landing page. It’s a virtual guarantee that they will move onto another drug rehab website that is designed correctly.