Do Ethics Matter in Digital Marketing?

Do ethics matter in digital marketing? Sadly, many digital marketing agencies believe the answer is no. They’re only motivated by the bottomline—and most of the time it’s theirs, not yours. Money hungry professionals just see you as a sale and nothing else. When searching for digital marketing gurus, steer clear of agencies that sacrifice their code of ethics for the almighty dollar.

Characteristics of Ethical Digital Marketing Professionals

do ethics matter in digital marketingWhether you run an addiction treatment center, dental practice, or small business, it’s important to align yourself with ethical digital marketing experts who don’t take shortcuts to the top. Here are some characteristics to look for.

They Wear White Hats

Black Hat SEO tactics may work in the short-term. However, agencies who deploy these strategies are constantly looking over their shoulder wondering when Google will drop the hammer. The best digital marketing agencies focus on ethical SEO campaigns that fall within Google’s strict guidelines. They worry about long-term success—not silver bullet solutions.

They Sell the Truth

While being honest should be a no-brainer, some digital marketing agencies toe the line. For instance, what’s the use in saying your office is 30,000 sq. ft. when it’s only a fraction of that? Although fibbing may attract more business in the short term, what happens when word of mouth gets around or someone posts a negative review on your Google My Business page? Ethical digital marketing practices shouldn’t include duping your customers. Instead, the right agency will leverage your strengths to maximize your conversions.

They’re 100% Transparent

Unethical digital marketing companies will do whatever they can to keep your business. That may include doctored analytics reporting or, even worse, lame excuses as to why they’re not getting you results.

Still wondering if ethics matter in digital marketing? If you went to the doctor, would you want him or her to lie to you about your condition? Not only would you want the truth, but you would also want to know about solutions if there was a problem.

Ethics Matter to Dreamscape Marketing

Since 2005, Dreamscape Marketing has offered ethical, high return-on-investment digital marketing services to clients in a variety of industries. We don’t just help clients win: we help clients win the right way.

Our digital marketing solutions include:

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