Conversation Intelligence: Using AI to Increase Senior Living Marketing ROI

Three out of four seniors may begin searching1 for a senior living community online, but that doesn’t mean your team can slack in the conversation department. In fact, around 70% of online leads end up calling2 your senior living community for more information. Another 60% of those calls turn into in-person tours. So when your team interacts with prospective residents on the phone, are they making the most of those calls?

Yes, your team members should be friendly and knowledgeable so they can confidently lead the senior to the next part of the new resident journey. But there’s something else that should be happening in the background. Something you can’t hear, see or even talk to. We’re referring to conversation intelligence.

What is Conversation Intelligence?

When you first hear the term “conversation intelligence,” you might think it’s simply referring to the ability to speak to others without sounding like an idiot. Although that’s definitely a characteristic you should look for in your team members, that’s not what conversation intelligence is.

Like so many of our tools in the 21st century, conversation intelligence is actually a form of artificial intelligence. This software combines the power of machine learning and natural language processing technology to capture phone interactions with your prospective residents. The AI is capable of not only understanding what’s being said, but of using that information to develop trends and insights—and even qualify leads.

This perceptive, high-powered sales tool helps your team clearly understand caller intent, sentiment, and meaning. With this information, you can communicate with new leads like never before.

Why is Conversation Intelligence Important?

There’s obviously value in this technology. But even if you’ve heard of conversation intelligence, you probably haven’t had the time to sit down and consider how this technology can improve your sales and marketing processes.

Experts estimate that this technology will save businesses $8 billion by next year,3 but what does that mean to your senior living facility? We’re going to demystify those benefits for you.

1. Develop a Deep Understanding of Your Prospective Residents

Using conversation intelligence, you can learn about your potential residents in a whole new way. We’ve all been in discussions where someone says one thing, but the way they say it, including the words they use and the inflection in their voice, says something else. Conversation intelligence takes those verbal cues and translates what is really being said. Even if the person isn’t verbalizing that meaning directly.

Conversation intelligence can also take the information gathered during phone calls and, when integrated with your CRM system, use it to segment your markets further. With this information, you’ll get granular details about potential residents, their behaviors, and new resident journeys.

2. Enhance the Prospective Resident Experience

The better you understand your leads, the better you can serve them. And that’s what you’ll get with conversation intelligence. Almost 50% of marketers either have already4 or plan to enhance their prospective residents’ experiences with the information and insights gathered using conversation intelligence.

These marketers may learn that a specific group of leads prefer to read e-newsletters, while others would rather be invited to an in-person event or even engage more on social media. The segmentation potential for conversation intelligence extends far beyond demographic data and will help you present your leads with marketing materials that surprise, delight and convert.

3. Welcome More Senior Living Community Residents

Because the whole point of this is to convert more leads into residents, right? When conversation intelligence is applied correctly, that’s precisely what happens. Forty-three percent of marketers5 say they’ve welcomed and retained more residents directly from engaging conversation intelligence technology.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. The better you know your residents, the more effectively you can market to them and the easier it is to guide them into choosing your senior living community. Conversation intelligence can help take your marketing efforts from good to great. But you have to apply the technology properly.

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