Holiday Social Media Post Ideas for Addiction Treatment Centers

Social media has always been an effective way to communicate to former and future patients. With that in mind, let’s consider holiday social media post ideas for addiction treatment center marketers.

Your addiction treatment social media can be particularly effective during the holiday season. This season is of special importance. We are still trapped by the effects of a global pandemic. In all likelihood, the holidays a year from now will have some semblance of normalcy. This year, however, is one of the weirdest holiday seasons anyone alive has ever experienced. That’s why holiday social media post ideas for addiction treatment centers take on a special significance this year.

Last March, the country was transformed. An open society suddenly closed down. People by the millions were suddenly working remotely. Alcohol sales skyrocketed. Addiction rates have gone up. People were suddenly isolated from each other. Some were trapped in unstable home environments when they normally wouldn’t have been. It was all a recipe for alcohol and drug abuse.

For those people in recovery, the isolation and depression brought on by quarantines and social distancing was too much. They fell back into addiction, despite their best efforts. What was happening around them was simply too much to deal with.

With that in mind, let’s consider holiday social media post ideas for addiction treatment centers that can help your patients have an easier time dealing with a uniquely challenging situation.

Holiday Social Media Post Ideas for Addiction Treatment Centers: Two Factors to Consider

As we consider potential ideas for addiction treatment social media this holiday season, keep these things in mind:

Use Holiday Post Ideas as a Way to Share Site Content

Your web content is available anytime day or night. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of that. Your social media content should point back to blogs and landing pages that supplement comments you or others are making.

Also, if you have a vibrant alumni program, you should know some patients with relevant stories to tell about dealing with the temptation of relapse during the holidays. It’s a good idea to post a testimonial from a former patient who had to deal with this issue. This will certainly help others realize that they aren’t alone in this struggle. 

Perhaps they would like to post a short video that reaches out to others. Some sort of “keep the faith” message from someone who has been successful in remaining sober. Such a video would be inspirational to those who are struggling. In terms of holiday social media post ideas for addiction treatment centers, we doubt anytime could have a stronger effect than a video like this.

Don’t Just Post—Monitor As Well

Drug rehab social media isn’t like your other digital media. It’s a two-way communication process. That means you can’t just post a few things and leave until you’re ready to post again. Well, you can do that but it’s not wise to do so. 

In social media, people aren’t simply skimming through your content. These aren’t web pages. It’s social media… emphasis on social. When you post something, people are going to respond.

Most of the time, this is a good thing. After all, what you posted has inspired something to comment. They did something. That’s good. In social media, you have the opportunity to build trust in a unique way. For example, if someone says the holidays this year are especially difficult, you can provide suggestions of ways to deal with the problem. And you can do it in real time. 

Even if someone responds negatively to what you’ve posted, you can often turn the situation around simply by making it clear that you respond to people when they comment.

Just by saying things like, “Hey, this year is extremely unusual but it’s going to be better next year,” can help. It’s at least a start on trying to come to grips with a very unusual situation. Most media focuses on the bad news that’s happening at the moment. Media outlets aren’t especially good at reminding everyone that this situation is extremely temporary. You, on the other hand, can do that for patients.

Holiday Post Ideas for Your Drug Rehab Social Media Serve a Real Purpose

While social media is a function of your digital marketing, it’s also something that enables you to reach out in a compassionate way to your community of patients. Whether they are alumni or prospective new patients, social media is an opportunity to provide a guiding light to individuals in danger.

Holiday social media post ideas for addiction treatment centers enable you to be a source of comfort and education during difficult times. This pandemic is (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime event. We’ve all been taken by surprise by just how much it has changed our daily lives. Your social media presence right now can help make a difficult time less difficult. Contact Dreamscape Marketing today or give us a call at 888.307.7304 for more ideas!