The Best Drug Rehab Marketing Means the Best Measurement

woman researching the best drug rehab marketing agenciesThe best drug rehab marketing agencies know how to effectively measure success. Are you using the best possible metrics to gauge how well your campaigns are performing? Are you optimizing your campaigns to ensure overall business success?

The answers to these questions can mean the difference between struggling year after year, or experiencing healthy increases in website traffic and facility admissions over time.

The problem may not be your marketing tactics. Rather, it could be how you’re measuring performance. This begs the question: exactly how do you measure performance in order to achieve the best marketing for drug rehab facilities? Are you using data that is measurable and actionable? Or are you using something far simpler but less reliable… your gut instincts?

Dreamscape Marketing spends a lot of time emphasizing to clients the importance of data-driven decisions, and with good reason. We’ve seen more than a few companies base their vital marketing decisions on nothing more complex than a hunch or a knee-jerk reaction. All of our decisions take data from current and past campaigns into account.

The best drug rehab marketing depends on people making the right decisions. The right decisions rely on the right data. The right data provides insights into how people are interacting with your website, social media profiles, and overall, your brand.

The Best Drug Rehab Marketing is Complex & Multi-Faceted

When the first horseless carriages began rolling down the road, it spelled doom for horse-drawn transportation. In a very similar way, electronic media is quickly making many traditional forms of media seem old fashioned.

Print media, radio, TV and the yellow pages all still exist, but their power has been seriously challenged by the internet and social media. Traditional media certainly hasn’t gone away, but it’s no longer the monopoly it once was. Not only is it easier for consumers to access, but it provides marketers with a lot more information to work with when making important business decisions.

In truth, digital media is a godsend to ambitious drug rehab marketers who are smart enough to keep up with its evolving nature. The ability to understand how prospective patients think and how they may select a detox or drug rehab center is far greater than it ever was in the past.

Electronic channels can provide more consistent touch points than traditional media, and more data that can be tracked more easily. The more touch points, the more you stay top-of-mind for potential patients or clients, and the more you’ll be able to learn about how they’re making decisions based on the types of content they’re interacting with most before contacting your drug rehab center.

The digital path that consumers travel leaves behind a great deal of information for marketers who are paying attention to the right pieces of the overall puzzle. How this information gets collected can in some ways look like traditional marketing (collecting names and contact information), but for the most part, the data we’re most interested in is the data that tells us how users are interacting with us.

If you’re only familiar with traditional marketing methods, you may be left behind in the digital era. Smart digital marketing firms that keep up with the ever-evolving nature of digital media can race past you so fast you’ll think you’re walking backwards.

When Marketing Teams Aren’t All on the Same Page

In today’s world, marketing teams usually fall into two large divisions: 

  • Organic Marketing (website, email, word-of-mouth, PR)
  • Paid Media (Google Ads, social media ads, radio, TV, etc.)

These two divisions are commonly organized as silos. Working within them without looking at the overall pictures creates problems in your drug rehab marketing plans.

Complicating matters is the large number of people executing tactics in each channel. That in itself isn’t the problem, but if you don’t use information from all available channels to inform broader decisions across marketing strategy as a whole, it’s very easy to fall victim to common problems.

Getting separate departments on the same page in terms of goals presents a challenge. In the digital era, the tools for measurement are many, which is part of the problem — you need to know what tools to use and how best to use them to your advantage.

With a wealth of data to choose from, departments may come up with measurement systems that don’t resemble the measurement systems in another department. As a result, it can be challenging to optimize your drug rehab marketing campaigns. If data is scattered in different areas and different formats, it can be tough to see the forest through the trees. Compiling data about ad performance, organic search rankings, call tracking, and other facets of your overall digital marketing strategy will help you to see patterns more clearly. Doing this on a monthly basis for clients is a part of what makes Dreamscape Marketing the best marketing agency for addiction treatment centers.

Undercutting Yourself Without Realizing It

Correctly aligning all of your goals across marketing channels will help you to achieve cross-departmental synergy, which is a lofty goal of managers everywhere. When your departments aren’t working together on common goals and objectives, drug rehab marketers often run into issues of mixed-messaging and a lack of clarity and cohesion in brand messaging.

Dreamscape Marketing offers a full scope of addiction treatment center marketing services, so in working with us, you can expect to have a fully cohesive strategy working towards a single goal: More awareness of your facility, and more people coming through the door seeking the treatment that they desperately need. By increasing admissions, you can also increase your alumni network, and therefore increase word-of-mouth referrals. Ensuring that your business is successful is our number one goal — and that’s why we’re an award-winning drug rehab marketing agency.

Pointing Metrics Toward a Common Goal

Every phone call and every admission leaves behind a trail of various touch points. A lot of touch points generate a lot of data, all of which must be measured which can help you to see how visitors to your site have interacted with your content, which can tell you a lot about the types of content that potential patients are seeking. Recognizing these patterns and generating a digital marketing strategy focused on the types of content that work best mean that you’ll do a better job of attracting potential patients, and ultimately, be more successful.

In a detox or drug rehab center, it can be easy to join a silo where you spend all of your time selectively measuring results. Why? To defend and promote what works in your silo. As a result, it’s hard to see the big picture. Without the bigger picture, your drug rehab marketing could be working at cross purposes and will never reach its potential. For this reason, Dreamscape’s business intelligence consulting  model can be beneficial in defining a clear strategy, driving traffic to your website, and ultimately getting people into your drug rehab center.

Stay focused on aligning all of your metrics so that your department is tracking the right indicators for the right reasons. The left hand should always know what the right hand is doing, and vice versa.

For more information about the best drug rehab marketing and measuring metrics, contact Dreamscape Marketing at 888.307.7304 or email us today.