Addiction Treatment Keywords Can Determine a Drug Rehab Website’s Success

Man looking up addiction treatment keywordsThe right addiction treatment keywords can have a strong influence on the success of your drug rehab website. That’s why keyword research is an essential high-return activity that can’t be ignored by any facility.

Learning keyword demand in the field of detox and rehab helps you learn not only what terms and phrases to use, but also how to more easily understand your prospective patients and their unique needs. Remember that it’s not always about bringing the most visitors to your website. More importantly, it’s about bringing the right visitors to your detox or rehab website.

Keyword research can also help you:

  • Predict any shifts in demand
  • Respond faster to innovations and trends in the addiction treatment field

How Valuable are Addiction Treatment Keywords?

It can be the difference between low rankings and a below average number of visitors or high rankings and higher traffic. As a drug rehab treatment center, what addiction treatment keywords should you be striving for? Drug rehab? Actually, that’s not a good idea. That phrase is way too general and you’ll never rank highly with that because tens of thousands of websites are competing for that phrase. Heroin rehab? Better, but it’s still a bit broad. Heroin rehab in Ohio? Now we’re getting somewhere. The number of websites competing for this phrase is far, far fewer than the websites that are competing for “drug rehab.”

As you consider addiction treatment keywords, always ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this the right keyword for my drug rehab website?
  • Will users likely find my drug rehab website when they type these addiction treatment keywords in their search?
  • Is my website going to be what they were looking for?
  • Will this result in more leads and ultimately more admissions to my addiction treatment facility?

Excellent resources for your keyword research

Social media: In fact, this could be one of your most relevant resources. People in social media may refer to addiction treatment or broach topics differently than you do as a professional in the field. For example, it’s unlikely someone will be throwing around the phrase “treatment modalities” in social media unless he or she is an addiction treatment professional. Figuring out how people refer to addiction treatment subjects (i.e., non-clinical or slang terms, etc.) can open up addiction treatment keyword possibilities you may never have considered.

Past analytical data: Although this can be helpful, it’s important to keep in mind that as each month passes, the information becomes gradually less relevant.

What’s the bounce rate on your landing pages and blogs?: Carefully analyze all of your pages and blogs. Invariably, some content will keep people interested enough to stay on the page and the content of other pages will not keep their attention. Analyzing the bounce rates of your various pages and blogs will provide invaluable clues about what content is—and isn’t—resonating with your audience.

The AdWords keyword tool: this is a feature available within AdWords that can help unlock ideas for addiction treatment keywords. It has its limitations and should be used in conjunction with other strategies.

Search trends: How people refer to a topic when they’re searching can change from time to time. Why this happens may be impossible to figure out and is hard to predict. You just need to be on top of search trends. As a very general example, let’s say that people in the last six months to a year have been searching more for “addiction treatment” than they were for “drug rehab.” That could affect how you decide to word your content.

Addiction-related material on the web: Articles about celebrities and their addictions tend to get millions of views. Some people will base their searches on words gleaned from such articles. Always check them as a possible source for hot keywords.

Addiction Treatment Keywords and your target audience

Dreamscape Marketing puts greater faith in organic searches than adwords for its drug rehab clients. However, when you aren’t paying for popularity (as is the case with adwords), you have to get the selection of keywords for organic searches down to a science.

It’s important to remember that your objective shouldn’t be to capture as much organic traffic as possible. Instead, you want the right kind of organic traffic that will most likely increase phone calls and admissions.

Building keywords for an addiction treatment website can be difficult. Why? Because there’s much interest in addiction by people who will never become patients. As a hot topic in the news, drug addiction is a subject of research by journalists and various professionals. The keywords that a researcher or reporter searches for may not be the ideal keywords for bringing patients to your facility. Through detailed analysis, drug rehab centers can identify keywords that are the most pertinent for reaching prospective patients or their parents.

Keyword research: a crucial ingredient for addiction treatment centers

Trying to understand what prospective patients are searching for is obviously a challenge. For that reason, you need to concentrate on a customer-based optimization plan. Remember that the intent of someone’s search is what matters. Focusing on this allows you to isolate more unique addiction treatment keywords so that your web page can rank higher in a Google search.

If you’re optimizing your addiction treatment website for organic traffic—and you should—don’t approach addiction treatment keywords like they’re equations on a page. Think about Google searches that you perform yourself. How do you go about it? What words or phrases do you use? With that in mind, consider people’s intent as they’re searching. Doing so will lead you to more unique keywords and keyword phrases. Pick addiction treatment keywords based on the language your target market uses. By doing so, your drug rehab center will achieve greater success.

Dreamscape Marketing specializes in addiction treatment keyword research for its drug rehab clients. If you’d like to know more about what we can do to increase traffic to your drug rehab website, contact us at 888.307.7304.