An Overview of Google’s Most Recent Core Updates & How They Will Impact Your Website

We’ve known about Google’s algorithms for many years. They were created to stem the damage done by dishonest websites hoping to game the ranking system without providing decent content for viewers. In fact, Google core updates are a regular event each year. Each is an attempt to weed out stale websites that don’t provide the content people are actually looking for.

For more than a decade, there have been Google core updates. In the beginning, these updates were sporadic and happened relatively infrequently. Now, it’s a different story. As the algorithms get smarter and can accomplish far more, Google pushes them out frequently. By some estimates, they now implement thousands of changes in a given year.

Some Google core algorithm updates are extremely minor, to the point of being unnoticeable to most people. At other times, however, far more major updates occur. When that happens, search engine results pages can be significantly affected. As a result, your on-page SEO strategy will have to change in order to compensate.

To better understand Google core updates, let’s review a few of the updates that took place during 2021 alone. Not all are particularly noteworthy. However, it does give you a sense of what Google is (or may be) up to.

November, 2021: Google Spam Update

Just a few short months ago, this update was rolled out, apparently as an effort to continue the often-stated goal to improve search results. Like many updates, little additional information seems to be available, which is not unusual for Google. 

While you can’t do much to prepare for updates that don’t elaborate what they do, it’s always a good idea to concentrate on an ethical, practical SEO strategy that emphasizes valuable content for viewers.

July, 2021: Google Link Spam Algorithm Update

As the name suggests, this recent Google core update was designed to identify and weed out link spam. Google has issued a warning that sites engaging in link spam tactics will likely experience a drop in ranking. It seems to be targeting dishonest sponsored, guest, and affiliate content in particular.

June, 2021: Spam Update

This is one of many Google updates to address spam in search results. Google is sensitive to this issue because they want to always deliver highly relevant results for viewers. Spam, of course, gets in the way of that goal.

As is typical of Google, no specific details were given as to what this update actually does. As we said, this is a common occurrence with Google core updates.

April, 2021: Product Reviews Update

This Google core update was intended to give greater weight to product reviews that share in-depth information or research. The idea is to give less credence to thin content that is merely promotional. This may have implications for when and why you should decide to publish certain reviews of your business online.

February, 2021: Passage Ranking

This may be one of the more surprising Google core updates from 2021. The next time you dwell seemingly too long on the writing of a certain paragraph on a web page or blog, it could well be worth it in terms of Google ranking.

Now, Google will take into account passages from pages as a ranking factor. This wasn’t the case before when pages were simply indexed as a whole. Therefore, content—all content—matters. In other words, make every given paragraph count (because it just might). 

We Can Help You Remain in Compliance with Google Core Updates

Trying to keep your website in compliance with the latest Google core updates takes patience and perseverance. You never want your website to fall behind and possibly face a decline in ranking because Google now finds your website in violation of their guidelines.

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