7 Important SEO Trends You Should Know for 2022

As we consider SEO trends for 2022, it’s important to restate just how important SEO is for attracting traffic to your website. Without a pro-active search engine optimization campaign in place, you’ll never achieve the results you desire. Therefore, let’s consider at what your 2022 SEO trends should look like.

1. Use SEO traffic to build a first-party data hub

As you may have heard, third-party cookies may become history if Google has anything to do with it. For that reason, first-party data hubs now matter a lot. This is the data that you obtain yourself. With it, you can customize your marketing campaigns moving forward.

Calling this one of the new SEO trends wouldn’t be entirely accurate. SEO has always been important, and will always be important. Ranking high in organic search results is power that you can hold onto over time. And it provides invaluable information about who visits your website and who converts. 

2. Concentrate on fast page-loading speed

How fast your pages load is important now, and it will remain so going forward. Mobile use is king these days. Therefore, a poor user experience on smartphones can be deadly to your rate of web traffic.

When Google introduced Core Web Vitals as one of the latest SEO trends, it was obvious that the user experience on mobile is now the predominant consideration. This concept concentrates on the following:

  • Loading speed of the largest element on your page
  • Whether elements on your page move around in the loading process
  • How long does it take for your page to respond to clicks

Page-loading speed must be monitored on a regular basis. Failure to do so will quickly put you behind the curve.

3. Revitalize your existing content

The longer your website exists, the more content it accumulates. Don’t ignore that content once it’s published. From time to time, it’s very wise to refresh that content for a boost in rankings.

Clearly, new content is a major focus. However, older pages can continue to rank well for many, many years with the occasional refresh and possible changes made to keyword choices.

4. Be prepared to optimize different search mediums

People used to search by text. They still do, but they have other options now as well. For example, voice search has exploded in the last few years. This will likely have implications for how you structure your keyword strategy and research.

As always, it’s smart to consult with your SEO about how to proceed with different search mediums. Depending on your target market, some of these mediums may or may not be of high concern to you.

5. Determine (and cater to) the user’s search intent

What appear to be the latest SEO trends have sometimes been trends for a long time, such as this one. User intent is everything. In fact, there hasn’t been a time on the internet where that wasn’t true. In 2022, as in every year, you can’t go wrong by concentrating on user search intent in everything you do with your website.

When you rank high on Google, it’s a clear indication that you understand user intent. You’re creating the kind of content they want to see (and stick around to actually read). And finally, you’re deploying the keywords that they’re searching for.

6. Build evergreen content to deliver long-term effectiveness

Among SEO trends in 2022 is one that isn’t a trend at all. In fact, it’s one of the simplest and most time-tested SEO concepts. Build a website chock full of content that is relevant today, tomorrow and potentially forever.

Concentrating on the hot topic of the week is exhausting and ultimately somewhat pointless. Your website is going to be around a long time. Therefore, it only makes sense to take the effort to create content that you can rely on over the long haul.

7. Maintain and enhance your mobile-friendly site

As previously mentioned, a mobile-friendly website is key to your SEO success. For a few years now, Google has relied on a mobile-first indexing system. In other words, your mobile website version plays a role in how your site ranks (and probably a bigger role than Google is admitting).

Clearly, not a mobile-friendly website is going to cost you in terms of ranking. Therefore, it’s wise to make use of a responsive website design. Remember that knowledgeable website designers can make sure your website never falls behind technologically.

Stay Ahead of the Latest SEO Trends

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