Addiction Treatment Marketing.

client making a payment online to an addiction treatment billing companyThe Future of Behavioral Health Marketing

As an addiction treatment billing company, you were born out of the desire to help others. At Dreamscape Marketing, we admire that passion. We devote ourselves to help you help others. When you work with Dreamscape, we connect mental health centers like yours with future clients. 

We know that you care about helping people become the best versions of themselves, but that’s impossible if your clients can’t find you online. That’s where we can help you. Our team at Dreamscape Marketing commits itself to making your goals a reality by building you a better site faster than your current SEO guy.

Better Sites, Better Quality for Your Drug Rehab Billing Company

For an addiction billing company, it’s crucial for your sites to be straightforward and user-friendly. Your company handles important matters; everything from admissions contracts to collections goes through you. We partner with each of our clients to build you an easy-to-use website that has excellent quality every step of the way. Our team of mental health marketing experts deliver clear and engaging content. We write that content to reflect who you are as a company, and convey your message, motivating potential clients to contact your rehab center billing company. 

Additionally, we genuinely want to partner with you. We’re not one of those companies that keeps the shades over your eyes as we build your content. We want you to see the work we’re doing for you. For this reason, we communicate with you about your website. We not only tell you what we can do at the beginning of the process. We also tell you what we’re doing and how your company is doing because of our work. If you have a question or a concern about the content on your site, just let us know. We will take your opinions into account and make changes based on what you want. 

What Services can Dreamscape Offer My Rehab Center Billing Company?

If you aren’t getting the results you want from your website, you need a full-service mental health marketing agency. In that respect, we most certainly deliver returns on your investment. We offer a variety of services, including: 

  • SEO campaigns– You are an addiction treatment billing company that wants to rank higher in Google, which, in turn, leads to more admissions into your program. We offer a comprehensive understanding of the process, and we take that into account when we design websites. We can target an audience based on factors such as location, different substances, treatment methods, and insurance groups. 
  • Content creation– Effective content affects your SEO results. We create excellent content for you. Using targeted keywords to write landing pages, blogs, infographics, and press releases, we will get you recognized by Google and by your clients. 
  • Website design– We design our websites to be user-friendly across all mediums, whether the user uses a computer, tablet, or cell phone. We use WordPress to manage your addiction treatment billing company website, which allows us to quickly and efficiently make the changes you need. 
  • PPC campaigns– Today, Google uses paid searches to determine how often your website appears in a search. By using a pay-per-click campaign, we strategically can build a website that makes the most of the budget of your drug rehab billing company.  
  • Secure hosting– Dreamscape has two dedicated servers specializing in WordPress only websites. Through this, we can use tools that work well with WordPress and discard any tools that may allow spam in. Our servers ensure that the website for your addiction treatment billing company stays up and running, bringing you more clients. 
  • Mobile solutions– We offer mobile solutions, better known as apps, for your drug rehab billing company. Apps give you a compact way to send your message to possible clients, which allows you to do your job more efficiently.

These are only a few of the advantages you get by working with Dreamscape.

Contact Dreamscape Marketing to Help Your Addiction Treatment Billing Company

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small drug rehab billing company or a small one. We will work for you to get your company to the top of the search results. The Dreamscape Team can make your online web design dreams come true. Contact Dreamscape today at 888.307.7304