Increase the number of times your website appears as a sponsored result.

Paid search (also known in digital marketing as Pay-Per-Click) increases the number of times your website appears as a sponsored result. This Internet advertising tool is an organic way to enhance your search results. Businesses who utilize paid search will pop up more frequently in general searches. To enhance search results, Dreamscape Marketing uses web traffic analytics to give you the most relevant search terms pertaining to your facility and the addiction treatment industry.

Unfortunately, Paid Search is not without its problems.

It’s an ever-increasing cost that has led to “Googleflation” in the addiction treatment industry due to the aggressive bid structure of Adwords. Since it’s essentially an auction system, you will experience a 2–3% increase in cost monthly for the same traffic. It is still, however, an excellent supplement to business development until the SEO campaign starts to show results. Within 3–6 months, the organic SEO campaign will typically start to outperform the paid search campaign. Drawing on more than 10 years of experience working in the addiction treatment industry, we fine tune our landing pages and create high-converting ads in hyper-localized markets.

While a necessary channel, long-term paid search is a more expensive cost per admission. Therefore, we focus on minimizing this cost exposure through less expensive organic search ranking.