Good SEO results depend on effectively created content.

Content is crucial to any website.

Your brand is also defined by your content and helps readers determine how they view your treatment facility.

A large team of content experts will deliver engaging writing that reflects your needs and promotes the message you want to convey. The objective is simple… we want to motivate them to take the next step, which is contacting your facility.

Your website will contain a wide variety of content, including:

Landing Pages

These pages accomplish a variety of objectives. They discuss how your facility delivers its services and they educate readers regarding the dangers of addiction and effective treatment modalities. Some pages will target specific cities while others will zero in on certain regions of the country. All of this is intended to let people know who you are and that your facility can help them.


Blogs are an excellent way to provide additional diverse educational content to more completely round out the reader’s comprehension. This helps establish you as a thought leader in the addiction industry. Fresh content not only keeps readers engaged, it also provides valuable SEO opportunities that other pages may not be able to accomplish regarding some subjects.


An easy way to visually communicate facts, numbers or stats, an infographic is a creative way to share information with your customers. We will help you create a unique, custom infographic that also integrates with your corporate branding.


Sometimes, a more in-depth discussion of a treatment modality can be warranted. Whitepapers are one way to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. They can also improve your SEO if other websites link to your whitepaper.

Press Releases

From time to time, you may wish to inform and educate readers regarding new treatment modalities you’ve adopted. Press releases are also a consideration when you bring in new doctors or clinical staff, or if your facility expands or adds additional locations. Keep your readers in the loop and up to date with press releases, when appropriate.