Dedicated servers that specialize in WordPress-only websites.

Dreamscape Marketing prefers to use the WordPress (WP) Engine as our hosting solution.

We have two dedicated servers that specialize in WordPress-only websites, so we know which tools work well with WordPress and what tools may allow spam and malware in. The WP Engine provides daily back-ups and constant security checks of your website.

With the WP Engine, we can activate a Content Distribution Network (CDN) that enables your website to load images separately from the content. Doing this increases the load speed tremendously, which is one of the factors that Google looks for in its ranking algorithm. WP Engine also has a Secured Socket Location certificate (SSL), which adds an extra level of security that Google wants to see in websites. The way to determine if a website has a SSL is to see if the domain URL begins with “https,” as compared to a non-SSL-certified site that will only be “http.”