Why SEO Audits are Important

Whenever you get sick, you go to the doctor for a diagnosis. When your car starts making funny noises, you take it to a mechanic. So, when your website isn’t performing to the best of its ability, what do you do? Simple: take it to a professional for a search engine optimization audit. Learn why SEO audits are important to take your website to the next level.

Why SEO Audits are Important

Learn why SEO audits are importantDoes your URL structure make sense? Is your site running slowly? Do you have annoying 404 errors? SEO audits are important because they can find solutions for all of these issues.

A comprehensive SEO audit looks at both the on and off-page elements of your website. However, it can be time-consuming for the average person. As a business owner, even if you had the time to dig deep into your website to find issues, would you know the first thing about fixing them?

A high-quality digital marketing agency can perform an SEO audit on your website. Not only will they tell you what problems exist, but they’ll also make recommendations on how to fix them.

Common Issues that Show Why SEO Audits are Important

Keep in mind that every website is different. There isn’t a magical code that will fix each problem universally. However, here are some common issues that SEO gurus come across when performing an audit:

Pages with Thin Content

“Less is more” applies to many on-page SEO factors. However, content isn’t one of them. Your content should be a substantial length, certainly long enough to answer any questions the user came to your site to get.

Poor URL Structure

URLs have to fit several criteria. They should be hierarchically organized and contain the target keyword. Keep in mind, they shouldn’t be too long or spammy. If you’re in compliance with all of these elements, it will satisfy both search engine bots and users.

Improper Tagging

H1s, H2s, title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags… all of these play a major role in helping both users and bots understand the intent behind your pages. As such, they have to be optimized properly.

Poor Site Speed

Nothing is more annoying to users than a site that takes forever to load. If it means you have to sacrifice a few bells and whistles to make it run more efficiently, it will only help your website in the long run.

Minimal or Questionable Backlinks

How healthy is your backlinking profile? Links from other reputable websites can go a long way in establishing your own domain authority. However, it works the other way, too. Spammy websites and links can do serious damage to your website’s domain authority. It can also leave you vulnerable to Black Hat SEOs who can steal or steer traffic away from your website.

Dreamscape Marketing Understands Why SEO Audits are Important

An SEO audit lays the groundwork for a successful SEO campaign. After diagnosing why your website isn’t performing, Dreamscape Marketing will work to optimize it to be search engine and user-friendly.

Along with amazing SEO strategies, our digital marketing services include:

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