3 Reasons Why Keyword Research is Vital to SEO

You can’t run an effective SEO campaign without strategic keyword research. It’s that simple. Without taking the time to research your industry, your user behavior, and the queries users type into search engines, you’ll end up writing pointless content. Here are three reasons why keyword research is vital to SEO campaigns.

Reasons Why Keyword Research is Vital to SEO: It Dictates Your Marketing Strategy

Three reasons why keyword research is vital to SEOKeyword research literally lays the groundwork for everything you hope to accomplish with a marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter whether you run a dental practice, a senior living facility, or a car wash. Without doing research to figure out what keywords will drive traffic to your site, your website will never perform.

Reasons Why Keyword Research is Vital to SEO: It Establishes Context for Users and Bots

We’ve established that keyword research is necessary to drive successful SEO campaigns. However, are you choosing the right keywords for your industry?

Let’s say you own a drug and alcohol rehab facility. While choosing to dedicate much of your research around “addiction treatment” seems like a good idea, people can be addicted to more than just drugs or alcohol. You may garner traffic from people who struggle with gambling addiction, shopping addiction, pornography addiction, or reality TV addiction.

Narrowing your intent to “drug and alcohol addiction” or substance abuse-related keywords will provide context for both users and bots to find your site more effectively.

Reasons Why Keyword Research is Vital to SEO: It Helps You Understand Your Competition

A professional digital marketing agency will have tools that can help you stay ahead of the competition. Knowing what they rank for—and even identifying what they don’t rank for—will help you establish a stronger presence online.

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