What Is Senior Community Marketing

Like any local business, senior communities need solid marketing efforts behind them. In this age of information, and given the various types of senior living communities that exist, it’s important that your website is reflective of the level of care that you provide to your residents, as well as the environment they can expect to live in. In a lot of ways, senior community marketing is no different from standard marketing efforts for a business — taking on a multi-faceted approach to senior living SEO and paid search efforts is just as important in this industry as in others. However, there are certain nuances to keep in mind when determining the best marketing strategy for your senior living community.

You’re Not Just Marketing to Potential Senior Community Residents

In many cases, when you’re considering a senior community marketing strategy, you need to consider who the key influencers and decision makers are for the people that will become your residents. Oftentimes, it is their children who need to convince them to sell the family home and take up residence in a senior community. So, while you certainly want your messaging and imagery to be appealing to potential residents, you’re also going to need to give their children ammunition to present your community as the superior choice among others in your local area.

Not only is it necessary to convince potential residents that they are going to enjoy their new lives in your community, but you must also convince their children that their parents are going to receive an adequate level of care. It’s important to discuss community amenities, medical staff certifications, and other small details, like the food that you offer on a daily basis.

Clarify The Level of Care in Your Community

In order to attract qualified leads, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve built your level of care into your branding initiatives. If you operate an independent living facility, it’s important to note that you do not offer the same level of care that assisted living facilities offer. You can also utilize stock images that are indicative of your typical residents. With that in mind, it’s important not to show too many seniors in wheelchairs if assisted living is not the level of care that you offer. Imagery in general is important in marketing senior living facilities, even if you do operate an assisted living facility. Nobody wants to get the impression that they or their loved one is going to a place where they will feel isolated, so portraying social activities is always a plus.

Some Communities Look More Pleasant Than Others

…and it all begins with marketing! Being concerned about your image is important in many facets of business, but especially when it comes to senior community marketing. Your website should be reflective of a happy, stress-free environment — and ideally, your community has the same look and feel. In senior community marketing, it’s important to give off a friendly, warm, and welcoming vibe in all of your messaging. This typically translates to better interactions with potential residents and their families, and leads to more success on the business side.

Work With Experienced Senior Community Marketing Professionals

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