Do I Need Dentist SEO Marketing?

Like many business owners, as a dentist, you may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to invest in SEO marketing for my dental practice?” The short answer is: Yes! Like any other small business, dentists can benefit from running an SEO marketing campaign as the average consumer routinely turns to Google and other search engines to figure out where to find essential services in their immediate area.

Simply Having an Office Isn’t Enough

Just because you exist does not mean that people will find you. As mobile devices have become more prevalent in society, search engines have become the go-to tool for consumers to find goods and service providers. This includes dentists. Especially as a new dental practice, you’ll need to make sure that potential patients are able to find you when they pull up Google on their phones and look for the closest dentist to them. Even if you are physically the closest dentist to a searcher, if you’re not on the front page of Google, you may as well not exist.

But even just having a web presence isn’t enough. The search engine landscape is a competitive one, and reaching the front page requires a ranking strategy to get you there.

Dentist SEO Marketing Strategies That Work

Dreamscape currently works with a large (and growing) number of dental practices. In our experience, the same strategies that typically apply to small business SEO also apply to dental practices. In addition to standard keyword optimization, we also typically incorporate blogging into our content strategy, which helps to optimize your site for longer tail keywords and very specific search queries. We also recommend differentiating the content on your site to get service pages ranking by including video content, which we can help to create. Adding more multimedia content and giving users more to engage with on your site will help you to outrank your local competitors.

How Dentist SEO Marketing Helps Grow Business

When search users in your local area are able to easily find your dental practice, and your site is engaging and informative, you’re likely to see an increase in patients coming through your doors. As you build a patient base, it becomes easier to increase business through word-of-mouth referrals and other means of organic marketing. When you have a large patient base and you’re ranking on the front page of Google, other prospective patients will know that you’re a top dental practice in your local area, which will make you a go-to for anyone seeking dental care. At some point, you might have to open a second location to accommodate all of the patients coming your way!

If this is your goal, then SEO should be a key part of your overall business strategy for your dental practice.

Work With an Experienced Team

Dreamscape Marketing has been helping dentists bring on new patients and accelerate business growth for over 15 years. We do this with a tried-and-true SEO strategy, pay per click campaigns, and other digital efforts. Give us a call at 888.307.7304 to get your dentist SEO marketing campaign started today!