The Best SEO for Addiction Treatment Centers – Knowing What It Takes

Discussing the best SEO for addiction treatment centersNothing is more important to your drug rehab center’s marketing than your website. And absolutely nothing is more crucial to the success of your website than effective SEO. The best SEO for addiction treatment centers is necessary to bring in the web traffic you need to increase phone calls and admissions. The question is, who can do that for you?

Before evaluating SEO providers, first, evaluate what you expect from them. Are you looking to rank organically for keywords or long-tail keywords (more about them later)? Are you looking for more traffic? More qualified leads? What indicates an SEO success for you? What indicates an SEO failure? Once you know what you want, it’s easier to determine the best SEO for addiction treatment centers.

Before you sit down with SEO providers, see who has good things to say about them. Look at client testimonials if they have them (and they should). You want to see satisfied customers. Ask people you trust about the SEO provider and see if they can provide any insight. Everything that you can find out about a prospective SEO partner is good to know. The best SEO provider for addiction treatment centers is one with knowledge of drug rehab treatment and experience with advanced SEO strategies.

Questions that you need to ask SEO providers:

  • What’s your process for accomplishing our goals?
  • Why do you go with this particular process?
  • What’s your communication process?
  • How do you report back to us, and how often?
  • What metrics do you rely upon and why?
  • How do you collect these metrics?
  • How does your company try to influence Google’s ranking results?

That last bullet point is particularly important. If the SEO company doesn’t fully understand how Google operates, they may not be able to deliver the kind of results you’re looking for. A Premier Google partner, on the other hand, will be well-versed in Google practices and updates and can act accordingly. The best SEO for addiction treatment centers will undoubtedly be one that knows how Google operates and employs Google-certified personnel.

Here’s the Million-Dollar Question You Need To Ask

“What resources do we need to commit to on our end so that we take advantage of the traffic that you’re sending our way?”

The best SEO for addiction treatment centers will actually breathe a huge sigh of relief if you ask that question. Why? Because it lets them know you’re serious about accomplishing your goal and willing to do your part to make it happen. Even if you aren’t aware of what your facility needs to do in its end to achieve goals, a good SEO provider will sit down with you and discuss all of the possible implications. The object isn’t an excuse for them to tell you what to do. Instead, it’s an important discussion to ensure that goals can realistically be met.

For example, what if SEO initiatives bring a sudden large influx of leads?… does your facility have the ability to handle the uptick in phone calls? It’s better that questions like this are discussed before that scenario occurs.

Another topic to discuss with an SEO company is what happens if the SEO plan isn’t working. Ask for specific courses of action they will take if objectives aren’t being met. This shows how the company operates when the going gets tough. You want to work with a company that has a Plan B… and a Plan C and D as well.

Identifying Out-of-Date SEO Providers

There are many unwanted characteristics that you don’t want to see in your SEO company, including the following:

They Don’t Pay Enough Attention to Social Media

As important as your website is, it’s not the whole picture. Social media can’t be ignored. The best SEO for addiction treatment centers will certainly have a plan for social media. If an SEO provider doesn’t identify social media as a necessary component for your marketing plan, they are missing an important element of the equation.

For addiction treatment centers, social media offers unique opportunities. Remember that social media is an ideal way to stay in touch with former patients. Also, remember that those former patients are a valuable referral base. Social media is an excellent format to create a family of your facility’s “alumni” who can inspire friends with addiction problems to consider your treatment center. An SEO provider who doesn’t know the addiction treatment industry probably won’t fully understand this part of the equation.

Not Enough Emphasis on Website Design and Functionality

Although things like keywords and mobile-friendliness are important to your website, they aren’t everything. Sure, you can put fancy doors on a condemned house. However, it’s just a cosmetic fix. It’s still a condemned house. 

An SEO provider must look at very basic but incredibly important components of your website, such as how easy it is to navigate and how intuitive it feels to web users. A nice selection of keywords isn’t going to rescue a website that’s difficult to navigate. Remember that if users quickly bounce off your site on a regular basis, you’ll likely face a reduction in your Google ranking. With that loss in ranking comes fewer visitors to your site and, as a result, fewer leads and admissions.

The Best SEO For Addiction Treatment Centers – Do You Have It?

Your drug rehab website is crucial to your marketing efforts. That’s why you want the best SEO for addiction treatment centers that you can get. A lot of digital marketing companies promise to deliver, but not all of them can. Your success depends on finding the digital marketing company that can take your drug rehab center to the next level of success. Contact Dreamscape Marketing to learn more about what we can do for your SEO at 888.307.7304.

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