Is Your Brand Personality Ready to Market Psilocybin?

Have you ever thought about your treatment center’s personality in terms of offering psilocybin treatments? For most mental health marketers, the answer is no. But considering what makes your center special, and how that translates into your brand’s personality, is one of the most important steps in building a winning psilocybin marketing strategy.

Why is a Brand Personality Important?

Brand personality establishes who you are as a treatment center. The work you do is important, and is supported by your brand’s voice, tone, logo, content, visual elements, and values. Developing a clear brand personality is crucial to connecting with clients who need you.

Keep in mind that 94% of consumers are loyal to brands that are completely transparent.1 Psilocybin treatment is a new protocol and will be a scary prospect for many clients. So this statistic is even more relevant for the people who will be seeking this new mental health treatment—in a field that is already heavily impacted by consumer trust.

Who Are You?

Start by thinking about what kind of person your center would be if they were a human. People connect to others2 who are personable, relatable, or provide valuable information. And, as you’re thinking about how to market these new psilocybin treatments, your center should aim to do the same.

Communicating this in marketing, for a largely unknown treatment protocol, is no small feat. But as you lay out what, precisely, makes your center so well-positioned to provide these treatments, you should keep your target market in mind. Don’t make the mistake of trying to attract everyone. Your brand personality needs to appeal to your ideal clients, and then as a subset, those who are specifically interested in psilocybin treatment.

Your Brand Personality for Psilocybin Marketing

With psilocybin treatments soon to be legalized, now is the time to make sure your brand personality is in line with your center’s culture and goals. You need to demonstrate now, as more states are legalizing psychedelic therapies with each election cycle and with wider legalization on the horizon, that your center will be a reputable, competent provider of psilocybin treatments. People who need psychedelic therapy are desperate for relief. Showing them how you can fulfill those needs is up to you.

Your brand personality will be at the core of all your psilocybin digital marketing efforts. This includes content creation, social media posts, retargeted ads, YouTube videos—every asset you create for this marketing campaign. Each promotion you release should show how you’ll meet your clients’ needs with a sincere, cutting edge, and exciting approach.

Step 1. Be Sincere

You’re in the people business. Caring for the needs of others is why your treatment center exists. So sincerity has to be the cornerstone of your brand personality.

Ninety percent of people say authentic content3 is a leading factor when deciding to follow or engage with a brand. Sincerity goes hand-in-hand with authenticity. You know you genuinely care about your patients and want them to feel better, but you need to let the world know, too.

Step 2. Be a Trailblazer

Medical science is driven by innovation, and patients expect their medical providers to be open to new developments, including psilocybin.

Your marketing strategy should set itself apart by letting your target audience know you’re a pioneer in the use of psychedelics. This revolutionary treatment for addiction, PTSD, depression, and anxiety4 is the next step in mental health treatment. And people need to know your center values scientifically valid breakthroughs like these. Communicating that you’re always searching for the best-fit solution for your patients says that their needs are what drives your center.

Step 3. Be Excited

The prospect of legalizing psilocybin is an exciting development in mental health treatment. Considering the misinformation, ill-informed anti-campaigns, and long fight for legalization, there’s a lot to cheer for right now.

The personality of your mental health center should be enthusiastic about this innovation and should share that feeling with clients. Many of them have had a long mental health journey and psychedelic treatment is the key to lasting change. Now that is exciting!

A clear and strong brand personality should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy for psilocybin. Dreamscape Marketing can help you determine how to best position your brand personality for psilocybin treatment marketing. Call us today at 888.307.7304 to schedule a strategy session.


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