Addiction Treatment Stigma – It’s a Thing

When stigma and addiction are mentioned in the same sentence, conversations always center around the stigma people have concerning addiction itself and the preconceived ideas they have about individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol. However, there’s another phenomenon that drug rehab facilities aren’t always anxious to discuss… addiction treatment stigma.The idea of addiction treatment stigma…

Team discusses drug rehab marketing mistakes

Drug Rehab Marketing Mistakes – Do These Sound Familiar?

No one in business is perfect. For every company success, there’s often some failure or miscalculation, however minor. Unfortunately, drug rehab marketing mistakes aren’t always minor. They can interfere with a facility’s ability to grow and prosper. In its experience interacting with addiction treatment facilities all across the country, Dreamscape Marketing has observed the good,…

Woman reads online reviews for drug rehabs

Online Reviews for Drug Rehabs – How Does Your Facility Rate?

All addiction treatment centers obviously develop marketing plans to generate leads. Typically, websites are the main focus as people spend so much time on the internet. Unfortunately, online reviews for drug rehabs is a subject that is often under-emphasized in marketing plans. It shouldn’t be.You will obviously be happy when former patients speak well of…

Woman receives education in addiction treatment marketing

The Importance of Education in Addiction Treatment Marketing

Explaining to someone with an addiction how drugs work may not seem like a great SEO strategy for getting people into your treatment center. However, education in addiction treatment marketing can help draw in users that you wouldn’t expect, potentially leading to more conversions for your treatment facility.Step 1: Admitting There’s a ProblemMany people dealing…